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Although it is not entirely one-sided, the party-hopping from other parties, particularly the Congress, to the BJP has gone from a trickle to a flood. While most are leaders denied tickets or the required ‘importance’, the departure of certain activists assumes special significance because of the reasons stated. One such is the resignation from the Congress of Gourav Vallabh, one of its more effective spokespersons.

Vallabh has voiced what can be essentially stated as the concerns of India’s middle class that are inclining it towards the BJP. He has revealed the atmosphere in which the political campaign of the Congress is being conducted – anti-Sanatan Dharma and anti-wealth generation. While the dislike for the veiled attacks against ‘Sanatan’ spreads across classes – from the poorest to the well-to-do – the middle-class is also worried about the unravelling of India’s aspirational goals just for political reasons. It is not just some superficial political stance to keep the leftists in the party fold, it is a very genuine threat that could, if implemented even partially, completely derail India’s growth and development. How and why the Congress arrived at this point is for the analysts and future historians to decide, but it certainly goes against the grain of efforts made by its former Prime Ministers Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh.

Similarly, Congress leader in Maharashtra, Sanjay Nirupam, who represents the original ideological positioning of the party in the state, has also quit because of the ‘many compromises’ being made for the sake of a chance at power. He, too, has mentioned the anti-Sanatan stance of the party, giving an example of its attitude towards the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Originally from the undivided Shiv Sena, he has a good understanding of the Maharashtrian mindset and has witnessed the decline of the Congress over the years. He has also revealed the factional divisions within the party, three of which are reportedly led by members of the Gandhi family.

One can only consider the impact of such revelations on parts of the country that are not so ridden by other factors, such as caste, and vote on largely party lines. One such is Uttarakhand, where the Congress has already been having a hard time. How is the anti-Sanatan culture allegation going to be explained by the local leadership? And this is still the beginning, there may be more revelations to come!