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Naxalites killed four people in a remote Chhattisgarh village on Saturday after a verdict delivered by a so-called people’s court. These four were involved in the construction of a road that the Naxalites oppose. (Development activity is anathema for them.) Another three persons are reported to have been abducted. This is the consequence of a twisted ideology that appropriates for itself the arbitrary power of life and death over innocent civilians.

It should be noted that the umbilical cord that sustains these monsters runs from an enabling environment in Urban India, which provides not just sustenance but also the ideological justification for such acts. This is why, those who describe ‘Urban Naxals’ as ‘social workers’, ‘civil rights’ activists, etc., should understand the price paid by marginalised people for such self-indulgent ‘tolerance’.

Do not be surprised that the entire radical left establishment, which issues the numerous daily fatwas dictating the political correctness everybody is supposed to follow on every issue, will be absolutely silent on this incident. Some will even describe it as an ‘act of self-defence’ and the practice of ‘direct rule by the proletariat’ in the abstruse party platforms that exist in the twilight zone of the Maoist-Marxist-Leninist world. Anyway, it is certain that the conscience of the cadre will remain unstirred by such incidents.

Just as the average person remains unaware of the consequences of choices made while buying Chinese goods, accepting without question practices harmful to society, the continuance of movements inimical to the Indian State and Constitution is also ignored. It is a lethargic response to the manic energy, in contrast, exhibited by the various cults seeking followers for their respective causes and messiahs.

This is why it is important not just to fight the naxalites in the forests, but to root them out from where they find refuge in the system. They take advantage of the freedoms provided by the Constitution they are sworn to overturn. For them it is classic strategy, but the foolishness is on the part of the well-meaning folk who support them in this duplicity. They are exalted as heroes, ‘good people’, scholars and intellectuals, while little note is taken of their actions and their hidden agenda. Of course, collaborating with them are also those whose motivation is profit – the grants, the awards and accolades provided by the very real forces happy to assist anti-Indian activity. In fact, just as bad money puts good money out of circulation, they have also caused considerable harm to the real do-gooders, working at the grassroots to transform society. India should not succumb because it was deliberately blind to this reality.