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Executive Engineer of Minor Irrigation Dept  caught accepting bribe

By Our Staff Reporter
Haldwani, 23 May: A team of Vigilance Establishment Sector (Vigilance) Haldwani Kumaon has caught an Executive Engineer of Minor Irrigation red handed while he was accepting a bribe of Rs 50,000 at a local resort here last evening.
The Vigilance officials informed that a bribe was demanded by Executive Engineer of Minor Irrigation Department, Krishna Singh Kanyal in exchange for passing the bill of the contractor. Consequently, a setup was arranged and Kanyal was caught red handed while accepting the bribe of Rs 50,000 and then arrested by the Vigilance team led by CO Vigilance Anil Singh Manral in Haldwani. Kanyal was later produced before the magistrate and then sent to police custody.
Manral informed that on the complaint of the complainant, the Vigilance team arrested the Executive Engineer of Minor Irrigation Block, Nainital, Krishna Singh Kanyal, a resident of Lord Krishna Green, First Floor V-109 Kedarpuram, Mothrowala in Dehradun. Kanyal is currently residing in Haldwani (Nainital).
Manral shared that the complainant had informed the Vigilance Establishment that he was a contractor with the Irrigation Department. Last year, he had been awarded a contract for construction of a Gool of Minor Irrigation Department was taken in village Seliya. Work worth approximately Rs 10 lakh was done by the complainant. The prepayment of which was made to him in two instalments. The contractor had alleged that in lieu of this payment, bribe was being demanded by Krishna Singh Kanyal, Executive Engineer of Minor Irrigation Department. The applicant did not want to pay bribe and had therefore approached the Vigilance Department.
After some preliminary investigation in respect of the said complaint, the facts were found to be primarily true and a trap was laid by forming a team. When Kanyal accepted the bribe, he was caught red handed and arrested from the compound of a local resort at Naya Gaon in Kaladhungi here last evening, and was produced before the magistrate. The interrogation of the accused is continuing. In the said case, a tax investigation will also be conducted under the Prevention of Corruption Act.