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Family Relationships during Covid Times


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 29 Apr: Schools which had partially opened have once again closed completely due to the new wave of Covid. Students are sitting at home and many parents, who have lost their jobs or are working from home, are 24 hours with them. Some parents, especially males, who are working from home, have converted their room into an office where no one is permitted to enter or disturb, being most of the time busy with the laptop or phone. Some men, who do not have office work, are either busy with their phone, computer or TV and instruct their children and wife not to disturb them. However, whenever they take a break, they do not forget to shout at the children kids for creating a disturbance and not paying enough attention to their studies. Women have become even busier as they work and look after the entire family. They are also busy with their phone or TV.

At such a time, children find themselves secluded and bored at home, no one to play with or share their emotions. It is more severe in case of a single child. It starts to affect their emotional stability and generates dislike for studies and even towards parents. Young children are not fully aware of the consequences of corona. Their concern remains why they can’t go on outings, can’t interact with friends and have to stay at home alone.

There is no doubt that parents are also under tremendous pressure due to distancing from society and social activities. Some parents are suffering trauma from loss of jobs or financial problems, which creates mental tension and disturbs the ambiance of the house.

Senior Counsellor Ravi Singh Negi suggests that such situations are to be handled carefully and patiently. This time should be taken as an opportunity to develop a strong bond within the family. Parents should involve themselves with the children. They should be given responsibility to accomplish household chores as per their age and capability. If work from home is necessary, there has to be free time which has to be shared with children and other members. Children must be asked for some creative ideas of their own in all possible fields and help provided to them to implement the idea. It may not be perfect all the time but never discourage them. Children should be encouraged to develop some hobbies of their interest. They can join online classes to learn some musical instrument, learn gardening if space permits, painting, join some online computer course, etc. All can share household chores and manage time to play indoor games jointly. Prepare a dish together and relish it. The purpose is to channelise their energy in a constructive way. Needless to say, these things should be done without compromising with studies. It is not necessary to impose continual all time pressure for studies but it should be decided by the parents and the children that how much time is sufficient.

Parents must watch the children for any unwanted change in their behaviour. It may be addiction to the smartphone, aloofness, irritability, hastiness, hating studies, avoiding family members or complaints of persistent illness. This is the time when they have to give extra care to the child and if they find it difficult to handle, never hesitate to consult a qualified counsellor.