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Farmers’ meet organised by NSS & Agriculture Dept Uttaranchal University



DEHRADUN, 17 Dec: A farmers’ meet was conducted by NSS, Uttaranchal University today at Gram Panchayat of five villages viz., Kotra Santur, Lower Kullupani, Upper Kullupani, Nagarpuri and Nanda ki Chowki. NSS Coordinator of Uttaranchal University, Dr. V. K. Srivastav along with Faculty members of School of Agriculture Dr. Rachna Juyal and Dr. Siddharth Shankar Bhatt with their students interacted with farmers of respective villages of all ages. There was a healthy discussion between farmers and students of Uttaranchal University where they discussed about different ground problems being faced in their local vicinity. Monkeys and wild boar are mere hindrances in sustaining their normal produce every year. Moreover, the students of Uttaranchal University imparted knowledge of new technologies to the farmers with which they can enhance their productivity. They emphasized more on novel technologies in the field of organic and sustainable farming keeping soil health in mind. Farmers of different Gram Panchayat admired Uttaranchal University for such knowledgeable interaction. In response the students thanked farmers for sharing their traditional knowledge and ground problems.