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‘Find the Extraordinary in Your Ordinary’



DEHRADUN, 26 Sep: As a platform that fosters and fortifies anyone who wishes to develop the art of public speaking, communication and leadership, Dehradun Toastmasters Club conducted its 322nd meeting on Sunday. This meeting was conducted in collaboration with Panchkula Toastmasters Club celebrating its 12th Anniversary. Presiding Officer Harry Sethi shared nuggets of his over 6 year journey with Toastmasters. The meeting was attended by Toastmasters and guests from around the country.

Aditya Maheswaran, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the 1st Runners Up of World Championship of Public Speaking (2015), Ayan Pal, DTM, District Champion of Table Topics Contest, and Kaushik Bhattacharya, DTM, the District Champion of Evaluation Contest conducted education sessions.

The Toastmaster of the Day (TMoD) task was taken up by DTM Ipsit Bibhudarshi, the 1st Runners Up of the District Table Topics Contest. He gave the meeting an exciting start on the theme, “That Magic Number”. The speakers disseminated knowledge and experience in their sessions. DTM Kaushik gave everyone the nuances to evaluate a speaker better. He emphasised on the importance of assessing the speech and not the speaker. He also spoke at length about the significance of demonstrating advice with examples and the mental structure of delivering feedback in a way that is both constructive and encouraging. DTM Ayan described the right way of approaching a table topic, an impromptu speech subject. DTM Aditya, while speaking about prepared speeches, said, “One must find the extraordinary in the ordinary by making the familiar sound new.” He explained the approach one must take while attempting to write a winning speech. “Novelty takes precedence,” said Aditya while speaking of what creates the most impact on the listeners. The speech by TM Ruchira Singh set a benchmark for everybody wishing to have the gift of the gab. Her speech was evaluated by DTM Kaushik. The session was ably by Language Evaluator TM Nipunya Panda, Timer TM Mandeep Singh and SAA Col Amar Bindra (Retd).