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Five Charateristics of an Ideal Nation


By Acharya Balkrishna

A healthy, prosperous and cultured nation is endowed with the following 5 main characteristics :-
1. Healthy Nation, 2. Clean Nation, 3. Self-reliant Nation, 4. Nation free from poverty, hunger, unemployment through education and population-control, 5. Nation free of political corruption through a hundered percent casting of votes.
1. Healthy Nation
We need to build such a nation where each citizen, whether poor or rich, is physically, mentally and emotionally strong. The whole mankind can be provided with complete health by traditional therapies such as Yoga, yurveda, Marma therapy, Reiki, Yunn, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and a balanced life-style. Healthy people alone can build a prosperous, affluent and cultured nation.
2. Clean Nation
The soil, food, water, air, sky everything in the country has become polluted. Uncleanliness is the cause of about 50% of diseases. Due to depraved, contaminated and polluted food, thoughts, mind and conduct the entire nation is being engulfed with disease, fear, corruption, crime and derelliction. Even Marhari Patajali has prescribed auc (cleanliness) as the first Niyama (rule).
Performing Agnihotra (yaja) results in the purification of the brahma (the cosmos), planting trees purifies the air, water cleanses the body, truth purifies the mind, charity leads to the purification of wealth, wisdom purifies the intellect and through brahma vidy (the science of realizing the self) and austerity the tm (self) is purified. We wish to build a clean and powerful nation by achieving cleanliness in politics by casting cent percent of votes and national purity by the pious and noble conduct of every person.
3. Self-relaint Nation
No country of the world can achieve greatness without having pride for its own indigenous industry, educational system, medical facilities, technological advancement, religion, eating habits, attire and mother-tongue.
We wish to include our country in the list of superpowerful countries of the world by providing first priority to our country and each citizen of it: by making them self- dependent. Our native industries produce all the commodities of daily use with purity and quality. So, we have to utilise our own native production to save ourselves from the economic dependence on other countries, by doing so we can achieve wellbeing of our citizens and make our country very powerful and thus, free it from the malice of poverty, unemployment and malnutrition.
When the history of our country is written, our name must never figure in the list of those who aided in weakening the nation; but we must head the list of people who helped the nation to achieve resilience, prosperity, and pride. Our endeavours must be such that we are counted among the self-sufficient and patriotic citizens of the country and not among the traitors.
4. Nation free from Poverty, Hunger and Unemployment
Poverty, hunger and unemployment are the nation-wide problems of a country and these three problems are the indicators of the failure of the social and political system, and disgrace for a country. Population-control can address these problems.
5. Corruption free Nation
The highest post and the parliament, where we send our chosen representatives is the supreme centre of our nation’s power and wealth. The parliament is the sovereign centre of all forms of administration of the nation. It determines the the rulling government of a country. The ruling goverment is solely responsible for the organization of the educational, medical, economical, judicial and defence system of the nation. It is the responsibitlity of the government is to develop the nation by using the total labour force, improving the agricultural infrastructure, and by eradicsating unemployment, poverty, hunger and illiteracy.
When patriotic and honest citizens are unable to cast their votes, then the power to form Government falls into the hands of corrupt and immoral politicians, and this corruption becomes responsible for the tribulations of the country.
Fair politics ensures systematic management in the nation. The meaning of the words such as politics, nationalism and national-religion (duties towards a nation) is related to all forms of management, rules and regulations, ethical values and traditions in a country, following which bring happiness, peace and prosperity and propels the country in the path of continuous progress. It is corruption which gives rise to unemployment, which in turn gives birth to poverty, hunger and crime.
If corruption is eradicated from the politics of the country, then millions of additional money can be used for the development of the country. We can stop the brain-drain of the young people to foreign countries by providing them with new opportunities, which will ensure the utilisation of the talent in the industrial growth of the country, which in turn will result in the holistic development, and bring happiness-peace, growth and prosperity in the country.
We want to see a new face of the country which is headed by patriotic, morally sound and nationalist leaders. We wish to eliminate the existing corruption, crime, violence and hatred to establish happiness, prosperity and harmony in the society. We want to free politics from such corrupt leaders who loot the country according to their will and punish them rightly for their crimes. It would be an illusion on our part to sit in silence and hope that some angel or incarnation would come to change the face of our nation. We need to abandon such fallacious notions. One has to fight and struggle to achieve something. Victory, without struggle, is just not possible. We will not live a life of disrespect anymore, we need to identify our potentialities, and unitedly we need to find the solutions for these three problems and the ultimate mean to find these solutions is by casting cent-percent votes.
We wish to bestow stability and competency to the political system by casting hundered percent votes i.e., we wish to bring stability and neutrality by voting for morally sound and noble persons. It is compulsory to vote in more than 30 countries of the world including Austrailia, Italy, France and Germany; we wish to implement the same system in all the nations.
Non-casting of votes is a great insult and disgrace to the democracy and republic of any nation. If the majority of the citizen do not cast their vote then the democracy and republic of a country might come under threat. The present democracy in the country achieved after the sacrifice and courage of our martyrs might get ensnared in dictatorship. By not casting votes we disrespect the sacrifice and courage of our martyrs.
Hence, we should take a resolute vow to cast 100% voting during elections and motivate others to vote as well.

(Extracted from the book: “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”. Author: Acharya Balkrishna).