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Flooded rivulet causes electrocution of 3 youths

Kotdwar, 2 Jul: The Paniyali rivulet here flooded its banks after the first rains of the season and entered the homes alongside. This resulted in the deaths by electrocution of three persons. Sludge flowed into a number of homes. People of the area have accused the local administration of being negligent in flood management works.
The flood waters entered homes in the Aampadav and Kaudia areas. Water went into the house of Kaudia resident Ranjit Singh (30). Along with neighbours Arun (27) and Shakun (23), he attempted to recover articles in the house to save them from the water. During this process, the power supply to the area was switched on and all three were electrocuted.
All three were taken to the Base Hospital, where they were declared dead by the doctors. Ranjit was a bank employee, Arun worked for BEL, while Shakun did so for the Nagar Nigam.
The flood waters also carried away machines being used for flood management works. The angered public locked up the Irrigation Department Office alleging that the tragedy had occurred owing to its negligence.
SDM Manish Kumar Singh has promised compensation for the families of the deceased.