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Forest Department to organize activities in Sixty Eco Clubs in Dehradun-Mussoorie during the Wildlife Week 2021!

DEHRADUN, 25 Sep: Uttarakhand Forest Department organized a workshop  on 25th September, 2021 at “Manthan Conference Hall” Headquarter Uttarakhand Forest, Rajpur Road Dehradun, to plan activities in schools as part of the Wildlife Week celebrations. School teachers from nearly 50 public and private schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie Forest Division that have been selected for these activities participated in the workshop.
The Forest Department is organizing multiple events during the Wildlife Week from 1st October to 7th October throughout the State. Activities in the eco-clubs in these schools is going to be one of the highlights of the Wildlife Week 2021 celebrations. Educational material and books prepared by the Forest Department in association with environmental NGOs, with  interesting information regarding the State’s forests and wildlife,  will be distributed to the various eco clubs. This would include nature related books for the libraries, attractive posters  for display, audio visual films for teaching and souvenirs for distribution to the students.
Rajiv Bhartari, PCCF (HoFF), Uttarakhand present in the workshop, shared his excitement about this initiative by the Forest Department to support these “Eco-Clubs” in the schools and hoped that this will help increase knowledge of the students and inspire them towards conservation. He emphasized that the Eco-Clubs in various schools can help in spreading awareness about forests, wildlife and environment amongst the students and thus help inculcate a positive attitude towards the environmental and the right values.  Bhartari promised teachers present in the workshop that the Forest Department will continue to provide materials and resources for tree planting, nursery development and environmental activities by the eco-clubs as well as provide help to the schools in organizing visits to nearby forest and wildlife areas for outdoor activities.
The meeting was chaired by Rajiv Bhartari PCCF (HoFF) Uttarakhand. Other attendees included APCCF (Wildlife)  R. K. Mishra, CF Yamuna Circle Amit Verma, CF Shivalik Circle Shri Akhilesh Tiwari, DFO Dehradun  Rajiv Dhiman, DFO Mussoorie, Kahkashan Naseem, Sanjay Sondhi and  Anchal Sondhi, Founder Titli Trust, Dr Raman Kumar and Dr. Soumya Prasad of the Nature Science Initiative, Dr A K Singh, Bopannah from WWF India, and Principals and teachers of various schools of Dehradun and Mussoorie region, representatives from other NGOs and other forest officials.