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Former Pres Kovind, Gov Singh attend Vipassana Camp at LBSNAA


By Our Staff Reporter 

MUSSOORIE, 9 May: Former President Ram Nath Kovind and Governor Lt General Gurmit Singh (Retd) participated in a ‘Vipassana’ camp organised at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, on Tuesday.

Kovind addressed the trainee officers on the occasion of the 10-day ‘Vipassana’ camp in the Phase-1 training programme of the 2022 batch.

In his address, Kovind said, “In 2047, when the country will be celebrating 100 years of independence, you will be among the most senior officers. To build a golden India, work will have to be done with modern and service-oriented thinking. All of you have to play a leading role in the ongoing national campaign against corruption. Methods like Vipassana prove to be useful in contributing to eradication of corruption and furthering the system based on morality in the country and society.”
He added that it has become the belief in present day society that the time to practice yoga and meditation is after retirement, or that these methods are useful for those who lead an ascetic life. But, when yoga activities were taught in simple and common language, its benefits were felt. Today, yoga has become a part of daily activities not only in India but also in most countries of the world.

Kovind emphasised, “You have to lead a cultured and useful public life. We have to move ahead with a sense of transparency, fairness and service.”
Lt General Singh said that it is a good initiative to introduce the trainee officers to the Vipassana meditation process. It would prove beneficial for them.  He stated, “If we control our inner selves, we can control our outer actions also. You will face various challenges in the field, for which you should find solutions through self-discipline and strong will.”

He reminded that, as public servants, they have to develop the ability to listen to the problems of every individual. Careful listening shows the way to solving that problem. Methods like yoga and meditation can prove effective in developing such abilities. He added that public servants should always contribute to eradicating corruption and making life easier for the people.

On this occasion, Praveen Bhalla gave a presentation on Vipassana. Former Chief Vigilance Commissioner Sanjay Kothari also shared his views with the trainee officers at the programme.

Academy Director Srinivas Katikithala thanked all the dignitaries present.  Other senior officers and trainee officers of the academy were present on the occasion.