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FRI holds ‘Short Term Course on Timber Classification’



DEHRADUN, 22 Nov: A short term training course on “Classification and Grading of Timber” was organised by the Timber Mechanics and Engineering Discipline, Forest Products Division, FRI, from 18 to 22 November. The course was inaugurated by the FRI Director on 18 November. Participants from Naval Ship Repair Yard, Kochi participated. Training course content and research activities of the FP Division were briefly elaborated by Dr NK Upreti, Group Coordinator, Research, and Head, Forest Products Division. He also delivered a detailed lecture on Wood Seasoning. SD Sharma, Course Director, delivered a lecture on defects in timber, grading of timber and classification of timber. Scientists of FRI DP Khali, Rajesh Bhandari, Ajmal Samani, Dr Sangeeta Gupta, R Ezhumalai and Dr Sachin Gupta also delivered lectures on Wood Composites, Strength of timber, Wood Preservation, Identification of wood species, Wood finishing, etc. The same was also demonstrated through a field visit to the Timber Depot and the lab. The training concluded this afternoon and participation certificates were awarded to all the participants by the Director, FRI. Participants also appreciated the training course.