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Frost on roads poses danger in Mussoorie


NUSSOORIE, 26 Dec: People are facing lots of problems due to the layer of frost settling on various roads of Mussoorie, causing them to become slippery. Two and four wheelers face dangers on these roads as many vehicles have slipped and some bike riders have sustained injuries.
Local Pankaj Kumar says that due to the dip in temperature, a layer of frost is seen on the roads, but no action has been taken by officials of the Mussoorie Municipal Council to remove it. He further said that, due to the low temperatures, many water pipelines have also been damaged, due to which the water flows on the road. It has accumulated at many places and frozen, again posing a danger to commuters.
Executive Officer ML Shah said bleaching powder has been sprayed on the frosted roads to melt it and traffic allowed to flow smoothly.