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“Frustration behind Kharge’s Poisonous Snake remark against Modi”


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 28 Apr: BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today condemned Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge over his venomous snake jibe against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In an informal chat with media persons here, today, Bhatt described the remark as condemnable and very unfortunate. He claimed that the remark was indicative of the increasing frustration and desperation among the top Congress leaders in the wake of continuous defeats at the hands of the BJP. Bhatt claimed that, in their frustration, the Congress leaders had forgotten the basic etiquette of public life and are now indulging in indecent behaviour in public life.

Bhatt termed Kharge’s statement to be a result of his frustration over a possible defeat in the Karnataka assembly elections. Bhatt reminded media persons that he had recently returned from his Karnataka tour and could see that BJP would have a resounding victory in the state assembly elections. The victory will be made even more spectacular by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign in Karnataka.

Responding to the questions of media persons at the party headquarters, Bhatt demanded an unconditional apology from Kharge for his remark. The BJP leader reminded that it was not the first time that such derogatory statements and remarks have been made about Modi by top Congress leaders. He reminded that, in the past, too, the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi had called Modi a ‘merchant of death’, and even Rahul Gandhi had made many objectionable comments about the PM. One such remark made by Rahul Gandhi in Parliament had to be expunged from the records as it was not parliamentary. He added that it had become a customary habit with Congress leaders to issue such indecent statements. The BJP now could not expect decent behaviour from the Congress leaders. He added that, on the one hand, Congress leaders did not show etiquette and decorum in public life and, on the other, claimed that freedom of expression was under threat under BJP rule.

Sharing the experience of his recent visit to Karnataka, Mahendra Bhatt said that the people there are once again going to put their stamp of approval on the work done by the BJP government in Karnataka and would vote for Modi. In the 29 constituencies where the BJP team from Uttarakhand had got the opportunity to work and campaign, the enthusiasm of the workers and the affection of the public would ensure victory of the BJP. After the election visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this victory is certain to turn into a massive one.