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Ganesh Joshi slams Congress for Emergency in ‘Prabudhh Sammelan’ in Rishikesh

By Our Staff Reporter 
Rishikesh, 25 Jun: Cabinet Minister, Ganesh Joshi, slammed former Congress Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for imposition of Emergency in ‘Prabudhh Sammelan’ at Municipal Corporation Auditorium Rishikesh on Sunday.
Addressing the gathering here, the cabinet minister said that on this very day (25 June 1975), the Indira Gandhi government had done the work of crushing the country’s democracy by imposing an emergency in the country. The leaders were put in jail. Constitutional powers were abolished. Emergency was imposed in India for 21 months from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977. The minister said this was the most controversial period in the history of independent India. The fundamental rights of the people were suspended during the Emergency. The media was also curtailed. Most of the leaders of the opposition party were arrested. In this, the arrested person did not have the right to appear and get bail, apart from this, atrocities like forced sterilization of people in the name of family planning also took place during this period.
The minister said that not only this, there was another decision  that the tenure of the Parliament and the Legislative Assembly was to be 6 years. He said that you would be surprised to know that the state in which this decision of Indira Gandhi remained in force till 2019 was Jammu and Kashmir. He said that this day is a reminder of how the Congress government created fear among the people under its repressive policy and acted arbitrarily to save its government. Ganesh Joshi said that in the year 2019, with an important decision of the Modi government, the tradition that had been going on since the Emergency finally came to an end. He said that the Modi government may have faced the criticism of the opposition and the anger of the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, but on August 5, 2019, after the hard efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, finally the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir was taken. Also, the tenure of the state assembly became five years. That’s why the BJP is celebrating this day as Black Day. Along with this, the BJP is also remembering the guardians of democracy, who were jailed during the Emergency.
From the family of democracy fighter late Gyan Singh Negi, his son Deepak Negi, late Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma’s son Brijesh Chandra Sharma, Shobha Rani daughter-in-law of Lala Indrasen Agarwal, Usha Rani, wife of Pradeep Agarwal, Sher Singh Rana, Manohar Singh Rawat, Ghanshyam Birla, Biharilal, etc. were honored.
Several dignitaries including, Mayor Anita Mamgain, District President Ravindra Rana, Maha Public Relations Campaign District Coordinator Deepak Dhamija, Govind Agarwal, Vinay Uniyal, Brijesh Chandra Sharma, Former State Minister Sandeep Gupta, Former State Minister Krishna Kumar Singhal, Mandal President Dinesh Payal, Surendra Singh were present in the meeting.
Also Joshi honored the intellectuals in the program and the family members of democracy fighters by providing them shawls.