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Ganesh Joshi to lead BJP’s preparations for Modi’s Pithoragarh visit


By Our Staff Reporter 
DEHRADUN, 2 Oct: While intensifying preparations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Pithoragarh, BJP has appointed an in-charge and coordinator of the program and public meeting. Regarding this visit, the State President said that in view of his attachment to Devbhoomi, there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm about the Prime Minister’s visit not only among the party workers, but also among all the people of the state.
According to state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan, on the instructions of state president Mahendra Bhatt, the organization has started finalizing preparations for the proposed visit of Prime Minister Modi to Pithoragarh on October 12. Bhatt has given the responsibility of in-charge of the programs and public meetings of the PM’s tour to Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi. He will coordinate all the activities and public meetings related to the role of the organization. Apart from this, senior leader and former cabinet minister, BJP State Vice President, Balwant Singh Bhaunryal has been made the coordinator of all the programs of the tour.
State President Bhatt said that Modi has a special attachment towards Devbhoomi and all are witness to this. This is the reason that not only has he come to Uttarakhand more than any other PM, but the PM Modi has also provided the maximum number of schemes and assistance for the development of the state. In a small state like Uttarakhand, development schemes worth more than Rs 2.5 lakh crore are being implemented with the help of the Centre, under which radical changes are taking place in the basic infrastructure like roads, rail and air services. New dimensions have been given to the possibilities of tourism by giving a grand appearance to the places of religious, mythological and cultural identity. Today, under the guidance of Modi and due to the efforts of Chief Minister Dhami, the state is changing and moving forward, due to which Uttarakhand has become a new identity for industrial and capital investment. The Prime Minister’s visit is like the arrival of their patron for the 1.25 crore people of the state. He also expressed hope that his visit would prove to be a new gift for the development of the state.