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Garud Signallers begin Trekking Expedition 

Dehradun, 27 May: The Indian Army’s Garud Signallers’ Trekking Expedition, spanning over a period of 12 days, was flagged off from Song (45 kms from Bageshwar) by Col V S Kang, today. The expedition will trek through the plains of the hinterland to the treacherous and challenging terrain of the mighty Himalayas. The purpose of the trekking expedition is to spread the message of fraternity, solidarity, oneness and the indomitable spirit of soldiers of the Army.
The expedition will traverse a total distance of 155 kms and will cover an average of 15 kms per day. The expedition will comprise two officers and 16 Other Ranks of Garud Division Signal Regiment and will be led by Maj Avinash Belwal. The route for the expedition is from Song – Loharkhet – Supi – Gwara – Khati – Dwali – Phurkia – Pindari – Phurkia – Dwali – Kimu – Raichand Deota – Leti – Raichand Deota – Gwara – Khati – Dhakuri – Pitang – Dhakuri – Loharkhet –Song.
The trekking expedition is an initiative to propagate and inculcate spirit of nationalism and adventure amongst the common masses especially the youth. The team will spread the message “Swatch Vatavaran-Swasth Jeevan” during the expedition. The expedition will culminate at Song on 7 June. It will give exposure to the soldiers so that they can better face new challenges in life, boost their morale and imbibe team spirit and camaraderie. This mission, with an aim to propagate and strengthen national integration, peace and harmony is symbolic of adventure, courage and fortitude of army soldiers.