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George Everest House will become major centre of attraction for tourists: Satpal Maharaj



MUSSOORIE, 8 Dec: Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj on Tuesday inaugurated the newly renovated Sir George Everest House, which was the residence of India’s first Surveyor General Sir George Everest. The restoration work was done under the scheme of Uttarakhand Tourism Infrastructure Development Investment Programme and funded by the Asian Development Bank. The restoration work of George Everest House has been completed at a cost of Rs 23.69 crore. Restoration has been carried out while preserving the old form of Sir George Everest House and the surrounding area has been developed around the George Everest House. Even before the restoration, Everest Estate, the entire property as it is called has been attracting lot of tourists and especially young people and now, it is expected to become a major centre of attraction for the tourists visiting the queen of hills, Mussoorie. On Tuesday, Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj inaugurated George Everest House. Sir George Everest had spent a long period of his life in Mussoorie. This surveyor of Wales was the first to tell the exact height of Everest. Therefore, on the recommendation of British surveyor Andrew Waugh, in 1865 the highest peak in the world was named after Sir George Everest. Sir George Everest House which has been built on 172 acres of land near Mussoorie and an observatory that was located about 50 meters away from the House were restored under the project. Speaking on this occasion,Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that the renovation work of George Everest house was started on 18 January 2019 . He said the new George Everest house and surrounding areas would a better and enjoyable experience to the tourists visiting this place. Along with this, notice boards have been put up at various places to provide better facilities to the tourists. In view of the increasing pressure of tourists on George Everest, along with a parking lot near the boom barrier, a reception counter has also been established. The original appearance of George Everest House was retained in the restoration work. In its renovation, Lahori bricks have been used and instead of cement, one traditional paste prepared by grinding lime, brick powder, fenugreek and Urad Dal with water has been used. Talking to reporters, Satpal Maharaj said that he was very proud to inaugurate the George Everest House and Laboratory after the renovation and now it would become a centre of attraction for tourists in Mussoorie. He said that five food vans had been set up to provide employment opportunities to the local people. And in the coming times, work would be done to gradually connect people with employment. He observed that the panoramic view of the Himalayas visible from George Everest was quite amazing. He said that the tourism department was constantly working to make circuits connecting tourism and religious places so that tourists could take advantage of it. He also mentioned that the department was renovating and promoting traditional haunted houses in different places as tourist spots in the state. On the occasion, President of Uttarakhand Hotel Association, Sandeep Sahni, Former Municipal Chairman Man Mohan Singh Mal, RN Mathur and officials from ADB and tourism department were present.