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GEU: Anti-fungal drug prepared from green tea


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 17 Feb: Graphic Era Deemed University has made another big discovery. Scientists at Graphic Era have succeeded in preparing an anti-fungal drug from green tea. The Central Government has registered the patent for this new discovery in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University.

Scientists from the Department of Biotechnology of Graphic Era Deemed University have discovered this new formula. The team of scientists who made this new discovery includes Dr Jigisha Anand, Dr Nishant Rai and Dr Ashish Thapliyal.
Dr Jigisha Anand said it is possible to treat diseases caused by Candida, a microscopic organism present in the human body, through this formula. Candida causes fungal infections in different parts of the body. Anti fungal drugs are used for its treatment. Due to the high dosage of anti fungal drugs, there are chances of experiencing problems like decreased resistance in the body, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, pain, hypertension, etc. This new formula has been prepared by combining catechins present in green tea with very small amounts of anti-fungal medication and microscopic amounts of metal ions.
Dr Nishant Rai said that, with this formula, diseases caused by Candida can be dealt with much faster and effectively than antifungal drugs. He said that candida infection is common in newborn babies, the elderly, women, those taking high doses of antibiotics, organ transplant recipients. Candida develops resistance to commonly used antibiotics, rendering conventional treatment ineffective. The new formula is made with multiple anti-candida ingredients, so it’s more effective and safer. Due to the use of green tea in this formula, the polyphenols catechins present in it are beneficial for health and have anti-cancer properties.
Dr Kamal Ghanshala, President, Graphic Era Group, while congratulating the scientists of the University on this discovery, described it as very useful for the world. He said that after many inventions like the discovery at GEU of new technology to diagnose typhoid, making membranes from sugarcane juice, this was another achievement whose patent has been received by the University.
Vice Chancellor Dr HN Nagaraja said that this success has been achieved after many experiments and a long process. In 2014, an application for patenting this discovery was made. This patent has been granted to the university for twenty years.