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GEU develops new test to detect Typhoid


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 8 Jan: Graphic Era has developed a new and reliable technology for screening typhoid. The Government of India registered its patent in the name of Graphic Era and stamped this great success. Teachers in the biotech department of Graphic Era Deemed University have made this brilliant invention.
The Vidal test is currently done to check for typhoid worldwide. Due to several drawbacks in the Vidal test, its results are not completely reliable. Generally, around 14 percent of false positive reports occur after the Vidal test. That is, despite not being typhoid, the report is positive. This is the reason why doctors often recommend having culture done after the Vidal tests positive to confirm its result. It takes more than a week for this report to come after culture.
The team of the Biotech Department of Graphic Era Deemed University has invented a new technique of typhoid investigation under the leadership of Dr Pankaj Gautam, Head of Life Sciences Department. The team includes Head of the Biotech Department Dr Naveen Kumar, Dr Nishant Rai and Dr Ashish Thapliyal.
Dr Pankaj Gautam said that this new technology is based on DNA. There is no scope for mistakes in this. The Vidal test is similar to the corona antigen test, which may contain errors. Just as Corona’s RT-PCR test gives the right report, similarly this new technique of typhoid test also gives 100% correct results.
Dr Gautam said that this new technique gives information about the exact situation on the first day of infection of typhoid bacteria, itself, which means even a few bacteria in the body can also be detected by this technique.
Dr Naveen Kumar, Head of Biotech Department and a member of the inventing team, said that the invention has been successful after several years of continuous efforts. With this invention, the cost of the test is almost equal to the Vidal test. This new technology has been highly appreciated in PCT internationally.
Vice Chancellor Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma said that an application had been made in 2014 to patent this important invention. After extensive investigation and testing, the Government of India has issued a certificate for patenting it in the name of Graphic Era University.
President of Graphic Era Educational Group Dr Kamal Ghanshala congratulated the invention team, Graphic Era fraternity and Uttarakhand on giving this new and reliable technology for screening typhoid to the entire world.
The team of scientists who invented the new technology of typhoid is now conducting research on the investigation of all viruses and bacteria including corona through a single test.
Team members Dr Pankaj Gautam and Dr Naveen Kumar Bajpayee said that after nearly a year of continuous efforts, now it is likely to result soon. This technology to test all viruses and bacteria from a sample will also be based on DNA / RNA and will be very cheap.