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Gov Maurya praises contribution of poets to society



DEHRADUN, 17 Jun: Governor Baby Rani Maurya inaugurated a webinar organised by the Dr Shambhunath Singh Memorial Research Institute, Varanasi, on Wednesday. This webinar was organised on the occasion of the 104th birth anniversary of the late Dr Shambhunath Singh.
Governor Maurya said that Dr Shambhunath Singh is remembered as a progressive poet. She said that poets and writers played a very important role in setting up meaningful dialogue across the country when all the activities were closed due to the lockdown. Poets and writers of all languages conducted a big campaign to encourage people through their creative writings. Hundreds of online conferences were being organised on social media by the poets to energise the people.
She added that literature is a need of human society as it develops sensitivity so that they do not become machines. Computers and Smartphones make work easy but real happiness and peace come through literature, music and the arts.
Maheshwar Tiwari, Prof Sadanand Gupt, Buddhinath Mishr, Rajeev Singh and Roli Singh took part in the webinar.