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Gov Releases book on life lessons

By Our Staff Reporter
DEHRADUN, 23 March: Governor Lt-General Gurmit Singh released the book “Samay Ki Keemat Akhbaar Se Poocho” by Shyam Sundar Goyal, the founder president of Quantum University recently at Raj Bhavan. The event was attended by Quantum University’s Chairman, Ajay Goyal and Vice Chancellor Prof Vivek Kumar.
Expressing delight, the Governor hoped that Shyam Sundar Goyal would share his life experiences and struggles with the general public through his book. He congratulated him on values of life, constant behavior, family values, and progressive personality.
According to Ajay Goyal, “Samay Ki Keemat Akhbaar Se Poocho” is an important book that not only illuminates the important lessons of life but also provides new thinking and inspiration to the youth. He highlighted the importance of time in the book and explained valuable life lessons through the given references. He emphasized that this book is an important source for young people who want to control their time properly for success in their lives. It contains stories of struggle, enthusiasm, and courage that inspire young people to move towards their goals.
Vice chancellor, Prof Vivek Kumar thanked the governor and shared that the founder of the university is not only a unique heritage for society but also a source of inspiration. He considered their contribution to education and fabric of society important and congratulated Goyal for his book. He explained that through such unique books, society not only acquires knowledge but also gets inspired by their experiences and struggles. He expressed his support and admiration for the inspiration of the university and Goyal’s literary contribution through his relevant comments.