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Govt aims to make Chardham Yatra safer & convenient for devotees: Dr R Rajesh Kumar.



Dehradun, 27 May: The Chardham Yatra has seen a significant increase in pilgrims this season. Under the leadership CM Dhami, efforts are being made to monitor and manage the yatra.

Health Secretary Dr R Rajesh Kumar has been appointed as the Secretary in-charge of Rudraprayag district to implement a comprehensive plan focusing on the three pillars of safety, convenience, and comfort for all devotees undertaking the Chardham Yatra.
Dr Rajesh, after the first round of meeting with Rudraprayag district authorities including the administration, police, disaster management, transport and health services, carefully identified key areas that need immediate attention. Thereafter, several review meetings were also held to gauge the preparedness of the administration to handle the large number of devotees effectively.
Since the region is prone to landslides, disaster management is a top priority. The irrigation department has JCB machines and other heavy equipment ready to clear landslides quickly like Sirobgadh. These machines are on standby 24/7, with a dedicated team monitoring high-risk areas to respond rapidly and minimise disruptions.
“We are challenged by the large number of devotees in the initial phase of the yatra, but this also presents an opportunity to serve them better through improved planning, preparation, and execution,” said Dr Rajesh.
The Rudraprayag District administration, along with the SSP Rudraprayag and other district authorities, has mobilised government manpower to handle the increased influx of vehicles. New parking areas have been created, and existing ones expanded to prevent congestion. Trained police officers are managing traffic flow and assisting devotees in finding parking spots efficiently. Helicopter services have been enhanced with clear schedules and booking systems to reduce overcrowding and wait times. Strict safety checks are also in place to ensure safe travel for everyone.
Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for devotees’ health. Extra sanitation facilities, including toilets and washing areas, have been set up along the route. A dedicated team regularly cleans and maintains these facilities. To ensure food safety, regular inspections are conducted at eateries and only certified vendors are allowed to operate, ensuring that the food is safe and nutritious.
Medical posts have been established along the Yatra route, equipped with necessary medical devices and staffed by qualified personnel. Ambulances and emergency medical teams are on standby to provide immediate help if needed. Mules are essential for transporting devotees to Kedarnath. Special veterinary services are provided to keep the mules healthy and fit. Regular check-ups, treatments, and adequate rest and feeding facilities are ensured for the well-being of the mules.