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Govt appoints RK Sudhanshu as Nodal Officer for relief operations



DEHRADUN, 9 Apr: The Uttarakhand Government has appointed Secretary, Information and Science & Technology, RK Sudhanshu as the Nodal Officer for relief work necessitated by the Corona lockdown in the state. It is worth noting that due to the ongoing 21 day lockdown in the state, a large number of workers, daily wage labourers and street vendors, etc., have been facing a livelihood crisis. Not only is their livelihood affected but they are also facing acute shortage of food and other essential consumables. To deal with this, the government on its own and, in collaboration with various social organisations, has been making efforts to ensure the provision of food items to such persons. Food and other essential commodities are being made available to the needy people through community kitchens in operation during the lockdown. However, the number of needy persons requiring urgent help and relief is increasing rapidly in the state.
The government has realised that it would require the proactive help of individual citizens, NGOs and other social organisations in order to be able to provide for the needy on a regular basis.
It has, therefore, appealed to all civil society, NGOs, institutions and individuals to contribute even more to the relief work conducted by the government. This contribution can be in the form of food items, sanitisers, masks, soaps, and items of daily use, providing buildings for the camps and voluntary work.
RK Sudhanshu has been nominated as State Nodal Officer for coordination with various civil society organisations, NGOs, institutions and individuals to oversee such relief operations. To help him, a coordination team has also been constituted. A control room has also been set up for this purpose under the charge Amit Kumar Baluni. He will be available on mobile number 9761696435. Additional Secretary (Govt of Uttarakhand) Vijay Kumar Yadav (mobile number- 8588882580), TFM Sanjay Mathur (mobile number- 9412156234) and senior NFE NalinThapliyal (mobile number- 9758444460) have been nominated as members of the coordination team.
Nodal officers have been nominated at the district level for coordination of the relief work. Deputy Registrar Sanjiv Singh (Mobile number- 7983460895) has been appointed for Dehradun, HarveerSingh, Deputy Mela Officer (Haridwar district) (Mobile number- 7017134506) and TO Praveen Badoni (Mobile number- 7060464780) has been made nodal officer for Pauri district.