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Govt approves expansion of municipal areas in several towns


Cabinet discusses 30 agenda points; Assembly session from 5 to 8 Sept

By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 24 Aug: A meeting of the state cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami at the Secretariat here today. Many proposals, including the service sector policy, were approved. Several important provisions have been proposed in the policy to attract investors. Several important decisions have been taken in the cabinet meeting.

After the meeting, Chief Secretary SS Sandhu briefed the media on the many important decisions.

It was also decided to hold the upcoming assembly session in Dehradun from 5 to 8 September, though Chief Secretary Sandhu did not brief the media in this regard. Sources in the cabinet claimed that the monsoon session would be held from 5 to 8 September, though the proposal submitted was to hold it from 6 to 12 September.

Some of the important decisions included approval of expansion of the municipal area in Herbertpur (Dehradun district), Rudraprayag city, Narendranagar Municipal Council, Kirtinagar Gram Panchayat area and expansion of Pantnagar airport. A related decision is approval of upgradation of the Nagar Panchayat, Bhimtal, to the level of Municipal Council (Nagar Palika Parishad) also by expanding its geographical boundaries. Along with this, 6 villages will be included in Ghat Nagar Panchayat. The government claims that the expansion of area under urban jurisdiction will improve infrastructure facilities such as sewer lines, drinking water supply, street lighting and better roads and beautification of the new areas. Pantnagar airport will have a runway of 1372 metres and 3000 metres. For this, 804 acres of land will be acquired. The government will do so on behalf of the civil aviation. The departments that want compensation in lieu of this land will be provided it.

To promote sports participation, it was decided to give out of turn jobs to sportspersons (in all 150 posts will be created) in 6 departments based on their strong performance at the international level competitions during the past 8 to 9 years. These jobs will carry a grade pay ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,400. Those who play Olympics at the international level or bring medals at the world level will get jobs in the Sports, Police, Youth Welfare, Forest, Secondary Education and Transport Departments. This will necessitate formulation of a new sports policy which will come out shortly.

A proposal was approved by the cabinet for promulgation of Human Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund Rules 2023. At present, payment of ex-gratia in case of loss of life and property under Human Wildlife Conflict is being paid in accordance with the provisions of the “Human Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund Rules, 2012”. It may be recalled that in the 18th meeting of the State Wildlife Board held under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister on 10 December, last year, it had been decided not only to increase the ex-gratia amount payable in case of loss of human life or injuries to humans due to human-wildlife conflict, the list of animals capable of inflicting loss of human life is also being expanded. So far, the only animals mentioned in this list are tiger, leopard, snow leopard and wild elephants. Now bears of all species (Asiatic Black Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, Sloth Bear), Wild Boars, Hyenas, Crocodiles/Gharial, Cheetal, Kakad (Barking Deer), Sambhar Deer, Nilgai, Monkeys including Langur and even snakes have been included in this lost along with bees and wasps. In order to make it a law, the cabinet approved promulgation of the “Human Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund Rules, 2023”, which will supersede the existing Human Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund Rules, 2012, so that in case of loss of life and property due to wildlife, appropriate ex-gratia amount can be paid to the victim or his family.

In a proposal submitted by the Transport Department, it was proposed to waive half the fare for those appearing in competitive examinations. The government will reimburse the UTC for any losses. The cabinet has accorded its sanction to the proposal.

The Cabinet also approved a proposal to set up the Uttarakhand Investment & Infrastructure Development Board -UIIDB. For this, a bill be tabled in the coming session of the State Assembly. It was felt that due to the ever-changing scenario in the field of infrastructural development of the state and the emergence of new requirements of development, the Uttarakhand Investment and Infrastructure Development Board needs to speed up the development of infrastructure in the state of Uttarakhand and to develop PPP projects. Notification in the form of Ordinance was promulgated on 29 May, 2023. The said Ordinance has been approved by the Cabinet to be presented before the Legislature for promulgation in the form of an Act. The bill says that this board will oversee the state infrastructure sector. This shall be the apex body for the promotion and development of PPP and private sectors. The State Government shall constitute a fund to be known as the Uttarakhand Investment and Infrastructure Development Fund with an initial corpus of Rs 100 crore, which shall be vested in the Board. The said fund will be used for providing concessional loans to projects approved by the Board and for purchase of assets/land etc for the development of priority projects identified from time to time. Under the provisions of the said bill, an Uttarakhand Investment and Infrastructure Regulatory Authority will also be constituted which will act as an appellate tribunal in relation to disputes arising between the board and the concessionaires/developers/operators of projects and the state government, etc.

The cabinet also decided to amend the rules regarding eligibility criteria for members and office bearers of the State Public Service Commission including that of Chairman. Under the amended rules, half of the members will be those who have held Class One posts in the state or the Centre. The members will be selected through a process that will be initiated by the Selection Committee, which will suggest 3 names.

In an important decision, it was decided to amend the targets set up earlier under the scheme to be financed by NABARD that 7500 poly houses are to be built of area 50 Square metres while 13,898 polyhouses will be built of 100 square metres. The cabinet has merged the total figure and now the farmers can build polyhouses of 50 square metres also instead of 100. The total figure now is 21,398. Per square metre cost will remain the same irrespective of size.