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Govt may open schools for classes 9 to 12 in phase 1


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 1 Oct: School Education Minister Arvind Pandey today indicated that the government was mulling reopening of schools but would take a final decision only after consulting parents and the school managements.
Pandey was addressing the media following a meeting held at the Secretariat, chaired by him, on this issue. The meeting was attended among others by Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, Secretary, School Education, R Meenakshi Sundaram and senior officials from the School Education Directorate.
Addressing the media at the Media Centre of the Secretariat after the meeting, Education Minister Arvind Pandey said that any decision regarding the opening of schools would be taken in consultation with all parties concerned including the managements of the schools and the parents of the school children. He said that all the District Magistrates had been instructed to send feedback related to their districts to the government in a week’s time. The District Magistrates would give feedback based on the status of Covid-19 in their districts, the opinions of the parents concerned and the management committees of the schools located in their respective districts.
Pandey asserted that a final decision on re-opening of schools would be taken only in the wake of the feedback received from the districts by the Cabinet. The State Health Department would also be consulted before the final decision about the modalities and appropriate time to reopen the schools. He added that, in case a consensus was arrived that it would be appropriate to open the schools, then these would most probably be opened in three phases. In the first phase, classes 9 to 12 would be permitted to be held, considering the fact that the senior students were losing more as a result of the closure of the schools and due to the fact that they would be easy to manage and handle. In the second phase, classes 6 to 8 would also be allowed to operate while all the classes would be permitted to begin in the third phase.
Pandey said that, as far as the government was concerned, the safety of the children was paramount and, therefore, the standard operating procedures and protocols regarding the reopening of the schools and the conduct of classes would be framed carefully and enforced strictly. He also added that attendance in the schools would not be marked strictly and no child would be compelled to come to school without written consent of the parents.