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Govt mulls change in dates for Budget session


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 23 May: The Budget session of Uttarakhand Assembly is scheduled to be held from 7 June in Gairsain. However, sources claim that the government is mulling a change in dates for the session. The decision is likely to be taken shortly according to the sources.
Actually, election for the Rajya Sabha is to be held on 10 June for the vacant seats. In Uttarakhand, the elections are to be held in the Dehradun Vidhan Sabha Bhawan where all the MLAs and the MPs are scheduled to exercise their franchise. This election is taking place in the midst of the Budget Session, which means if the dates are not changed, all the MLAs will have to rush to Dehradun so that they can exercise their franchise and then go back to Gairsain after the voting. This will disturb the budget session and therefore the government is thinking of changing the dates. Sources claim that now the budget session could be rescheduled after 10 June.