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Govt must focus on increasing immunity of citizens: Avdhash Kaushal



DEHRADUN, 4 Jun: Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK) has hundreds of interns from European and American countries visiting every year. It arranges for bottled mineral water for them to drink. If they consume, even once, the ordinary water that locals drink, they fall sick. That is the difference between the immunity of Indians and their European and American counterparts.
According to RLEK Chairman Avdhash Kaushal, the lockdown during Covid-19 has helped reduce the number of cases but, even so, the number of COVID patients is increasing day by day at very high speed. Every day, more than 8,000 cases are being reported in India. The number of cases has already touched 2,16,429. The government and the ruling party at the Centre and State levels are giving credit to themselves for reducing the number of cases. Instead of strict lockdown, they should focus on measures to increase the immunity of citizens, specially the poor labourers who are not able to get even two meals a day, he suggests.
RLEK has observed that many daily wage workers gather at the Clock Tower, Laal Pul, Rispana Bridge, Jakhan, etc., in the hope of getting work. Most of them go home disappointed and without food for their families. RLEK gives light breakfast to these labourers in the morning. One labour started weeping and said, “How can I eat this breakfast when my family including two children could not get any food for the last two days.” RLEK volunteers asked the labourer to call his family members for the breakfast as well.
If the immunity of the main force (labourers) goes down then the number of COVID cases will increase drastically to India reporting more than 12,000 cases per day, asserts Kaushal. The country has already surpassed Germany and France in Corona Virus cases and very soon it will surpass Italy, he laments.