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Govt thanked for order on school fee payment


By Our Staff Reporter 
Mussoorie, 28 Jul: Addressing a press conference, here, Municipal Councilor Geeta Kumai, today, expressed gratitude to Secretary, Education, R Minakshi Sundaram, and Chief Education Officer Asha Rani Painuli for instructing schools to charge only tuition fees during the lockdown. Kumai said she had complained about pressure being created by private schools on parents to deposit fees, taking cognizance of which the Education Secretary had instructed the Chief Education Officer to investigate the matter and take action. She said that, in the letter issued by the Chief Education Officer, it has been stated that all schools in Uttarakhand can only take tuition fees from parents. At the same time, instructions have been given to adjust the fees paid by parents in the past in the current fees. If any school does not follow the instructions issued by the government, then its recognition would be canceled.
Geeta Kumai said that private schools teaching online or through other media would be allowed to charge tuition fees only during the lockdown period and no other kind of fee would be charged. She said that the schools were giving smaller salaries to the teachers providing education online, which was not fair. She urged the school administrations to pay full salaries to all the teachers.
The ‘Mussoorie Abhibhavak Sangh’ also held a press conference and thanked the Education Secretary and Chief Education Officer. Among those present were Rajat Aggarwal, Jagjit Kukreja, Devendra Gunsola, Garima Malik, Tanmeet, Alok Jain, Arvind Sonkar, etc.