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GPS Clocks: Doon’s New Time Keepers

(From L to R) Mehta Brothers: Harish, Deepak and Bhushan.

By Alok Joshi 

As Uttarakhand celebrates its 23rd Foundation Day (Uttarakhand Divas) on 9th November, it is time for its capital city, Dehradun, to also move forward in technology and consider installing GPS Clocks, instead of electronic clocks.

The GPS clock is a satellite system that provides very precise timing service. This system does not require any resetting after power breakdown, which is so common, especially during summer months, as the clock will auto adjust the time as per IST using the satellite connection.

Dehradun based Mehta Watch Company (shop in New Market, Clock Tower) is providing different types of GPS Clocks like Tower Clocks, Floral Clocks, Pillar Clocks, Designer Clocks and antique clocks. Floral clocks can be installed in gardens, hotels, resorts, etc., to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the place to attract more people. Pillar Clocks, also known as Street Clocks, can become the centre of attraction at many public places. Tower clocks are the landmark of many cities around the world.

We also have what is called Ghanta Ghar in Dehradun. Designer and antique clocks can be installed indoors or outdoors.

These clocks are equipped with GPS and work with satellite connection. The clocks can be customised (to any size and shape) and installed anywhere around the city in government or company offices, stadiums, railway station/ airport, gardens, residential societies, educational or other institutions, hospitals, etc. These clocks are also weather-proof and provide an hourly bell system. The sounds can be changed to different chimes or even Hindi songs. They also have the feature of backlit light that illuminates at night for visual clarity. These clocks are covered with a one-year warranty as well.

Mehta Watch Company has already installed GPS clocks in New Tehri and Rishikesh. It is time for Dehradun now to consider adopting these new age timekeepers that will eventually become the heartbeats of our connected society.