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Graphic Era awards Rs 11 lakh to Vandana Kataria


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 6 Aug: Graphic Era Deemed University has announced an award of Rs 11 lakh to Vandana Katariya, one of the players that took Indian women’s hockey to new heights at the Tokyo Olympics.
Prof (Dr) Kamal Ghanshala, President, Graphic Era Educational Group, said today that Vandana Katariya has made Uttarakhand proud with her stellar performance in the Olympics. He also lauded her feat of becoming the first Indian female hockey player to score a hat-trick of goals. He said that, even though the Indian team failed to get a medal, it secured fourth position in the Olympics, well above its ranking. He expressed confidence that India would win gold in the next Olympics.

Rakhee Ghanshala, Senior official, Graphic Era Educational Group, reached Olympian Vandana Katariya’s house in Roshanabad today, and congratulated Vandana’s mother Swarna Devi and brother Chandrasekhar Kataria for splendid achievement of Vandana, and handed over a letter and prize money worth Rupees Eleven Lakh.

Prof Ghanshala reminded that the women of Uttarakhand were used to hard physical labour and had great mental strength. Women contribute a lot to the development of Uttarakhand. If girls and boys of Uttarakhand get good training, then it would soon become known as a medal winning state in sports. On behalf of the Graphic Era Deemed University, he announced an honorarium of Rs 11 lakh to Vandana Kataria. He said that, if she needed any further training, Graphic Era would provide the necessary assistance. Other players who have performed well in international sports would also be similarly encouraged.
On behalf of the University, Registrar Omkar Nath Pandit has written a letter to the family members of Vandana Katariya in this regard. A delegation from Graphic Era comprising Dr Subhash Gupta and Sahib Sablok has left to meet her family in Roshanabad, Haridwar.

Vandana talked to Rakhee telephonically :

Haridwar, 6 Aug: Senior officer, Rakhee Ghanshala while talking to Vandana Katariya over phone said that despite her adverse circumstances she achieved her goal and has made the entire nation proud by your magnificent performance. She added, “I salute you for your spirit and for your determination. Please don’t lose heart for not winning the medal, as you have won the hearts of millions and you are an inspiration for each and every girl of the nation. You have proved that if we work with true heart towards our ambition, success automatically follows us and we can achieve every goal of our life. Thank you Vandana for being a strong female, I salute you. We are eagerly waiting for you, please come soon and inspire thousands of students of Graphic Era.”
Vandana expressed her gratitude towards Rakhee for her love and respect.