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Graphic Era makes Sanitiser for Police Personnel



DEHRADUN, 25 Mar: In this hour of catastrophe, police personnel are risking their lives to save human lives and are working day and night for this purpose. Graphic Era, as a gesture of gratitude to all these heroes, has prepared and presented sanitiser to them. The Chemistry Department of Graphic Era Hill University, under the supervision of Dr Kapil Ghai, prepared the sanitiser as per the standards of WHO, with iso-propyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, aloe vera gel, lemon grass and essential oils. In the first phase, today, in the presence of SP-City Shweta Chaubey, CO, Clement Town, Anuj Kumar, and SO Clement Town, Narottam Bisht, 25 litres of sanitiser were handed over to the police at Asha Rodi Chowk and Chandrabani Chowk. On this occasion, Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era Deemed University, Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era HillUniversity, Dr Sanjay Jasola, along with Sahib Sablok, Anil Chauhan and BK Kaul were also present.