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Graphic Era organizes guest lecture on “Green Chemistry”


“Prevention of hazardous chemicals now possible”

DEHRADUN, 6 Apr: Green chemistry is a very new and innovative concept that has brought about revolutionary changes in the society. Understanding the need of spreading awareness about the same, Department of Chemistry of Graphic Era University held a guest lecture where Dr R K Peddinti of IIT Roorkee was the guest speaker.
Dr Peddinti while speaking on the occasion told about the principles and protocols involved in green chemistry. He further told that products available in the market based on bi-molecules produce many hazardous pollutants as by products waste during its manufacturing process. Referring to his research work, he shared that with the use of green chemistry we can reduce the production of hazardous pollutants.
Citing examples he told that medicines used to cure diseases like Alzheimer and cardiac vascular during their manufacture produced many hazardous pollutant waste as a by products. But now adopting green chemistry in place of traditional methods of using solvents, the manufacturers have started using water and other solvents to prevent the production of such pollutants.
While addressing the students he motivated them to adopt smart ways of using green chemistry to preserve the natural resources for the coming generations.
Prof. Dr H N Nagarajan, Pro Vice Chancellor Graphic Era University presented a bouquet of flowers and welcomed Dr Peddinti. The talk was attended by Dr Bhawna, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Dr Arunima Naik, Dr Brij Bhushan, Dr Eram, Dr Ashutosh Sharma along with the students of the department.