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Graphic Era scientist makes bio- degradable membrane from sugarcane juice


Dehradun, 3 Sep: Graphic Era Scientist Dr Varij Panwar has prepared a membrane from sugarcane juice that dissolves after a few months. This membrane is cost effective and will be used in filters, sensors, etc., and has also been patented. Dr Panwar, a professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Graphic Era Deemed University, has succeeded in preparing this membrane (a kind of dry membrane), after several months of research, which can be used for six to eight months, following which it dissolves. This will prevent pollution caused by polythene, etc., and is cost effective. The membrane has been prepared at Graphic Era’s Polymer Sensor and Actuator Lab. He said that the membrane can be used for various purposes like purification of water, making electricity from industrial waste through bio fuel cells, electric cars, and various types of sensors. Till now, commercial liquids like Ionic Liquid are being used for this purpose, which are very expensive. Dr Varij revealed that this membrane has been prepared by a special method from sugarcane juice available at very cheap rates. This membrane is prepared at a cost of about 2 paise per square centimetre. In case of industrial production, this cost would further reduce.
The Central Government has registered a patent for this new technology in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University for the next 20 years. Earlier, Dr Varij Panwar prepared a polymer sensor from sugarcane juice. The patent for this was registered in March 2021 by the Government of Australia in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University.
Congratulating Dr Varij Panwar, Chairman, Graphic Era Educational Group, Prof Dr Kamal Ghanshala said that the laboratories of Graphic Era are equipped with the world’s latest technologies which have opened new possibilities for the faculty here to make their mark in the world.