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Great Khali sets the tone at Quantum University’s ‘Dharohar’


By Our Staff Reporter

Roorkee, 6 Apr: Dharohar 2023, the annual fest of Quantum University, has started with a bang. On the very first day cultural, art and entertainment programmes were organised at various places in the university campus. The enthusiasm of the students reached its peak with the arrival of ‘The Great Khali’ on the first day. Students and teachers gathered to see Khali and competed to click his picture.

The events included Tekken-7, a video game-based competition. More than 3000 students from various universities across India will participate in Dharohar. The festival includes events ranging from music to art, literary events, and entertainment programmes.

This edition is set to be the biggest ever. The range of events will cover 3 genres and 37 different events.

EDGE is a programme that allows students to showcase their engineering skills; students participate in various events to showcase engineering models and applications developed by them. It aims to showcase the fun side of technology. Ojas highlights emerging trends with topics in business, social dialogue and national issues. Tower Game, Face Painting/ Tattoo Art, Stone Art/ Glass Painting/ Bottle Art, Dare 2 Stair, Flower Showcase, Treasure Hunt, Escape will be organised on 7 April.

Other events include Solo Dance, Duet Dance and Rap Battle Hustle, Fashion Fiesta. Bridge Design, Fast and Furious, Pirates of Circuit, Rangoli Competition, Paper Origami, Best out of Waste, Crack a Code, Musical Chair, Singing will be organised on the third day, 8 April. After the day’s celebration, young famous and talented singer Deep Money will enthrall the students with his performance.