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Gurus make biggest contribution to vitality of Indian culture

Rajnath Singh lays foundation stone for Patanjali Gurukul
HARIDWAR, 6 Jan: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday laid the foundation stone for Patanjali Gurukulam and Patanjali Acharyakulam in Haridwar by Patanjali Yogpeeth  on Saturday. He was accompanied by Union Minister Arjun Meghwal, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav and Rajya Sabha MP from BJP Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi. Addressing the gathering on the occasion, the Defence Minister observed that in the Gurukulam and Acharyakulam, education will be provided under Guru-Shishya Parammpara which was the traditional mode of education in India. He also pointed out that the Sikh religion in our country is based on the word disciple (Sikh or Shishya). There are many such religions and sects in India, which exist only on the basis of Guruvani. He added that the Gurus of this country have the biggest contribution in maintaining its vitality of Sanatan Indian culture and ensuring its eternal existence.
Singh said that he is now hopeful that in the coming times, many students will emerge from this Gurukul to serve the country; in this modern era, there is also a need for the Gurukuls, to provide and the traditional education and use the latest technology tools for education. A new Gurukul should be built in the new India, where students can study quantum education and Artificial Intelligence along with the Vedas. If this happens, then a  unique set of students will emerge from these Gurukuls who will work to take the nation ahead of other countries.
Rajnath Singh also noted that in today’s time, many positive works are being done, whether it is construction of Ram temple or any other culture-related structures. The government is also focussing on cultural development, so that the future generation can get to know about the ancient Indian culture. Rajnath Singh also called upon the Gurukuls of the country to come forward for the preservation and promotion of Sanskrit language. He said that Sanskrit is a scientific language. Many scholars of the world studied Sanskrit to understand Nature and creation. He reiterated the importance of Sanskrit. Yoga philosophy was also written by Maharishi Patanjali in Sanskrit. He expressed concern over the decreasing number of people reading, writing and speaking Sanskrit and observed that more work needs to be done towards preservation and promotion of Sanskrit as a language. He said that it hurts him to see the decline in use of Sanskrit in the country and reminded the audience that Sanskrit is the language of Gods, a Devbhasha.
Singh said that Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is easily conveying Vedas and Yoga to the masses and deserves to be complimented on this. Speaking on Guru-Shishya tradition, the Defence Minister said that Sanatan is recognized in the name of Gurus. There may be differences in all religions but a Guru is accepted by all. Speaking on the new education policy, he said that many States have started their process under the new education policy and admitted that a sudden change in this regard is not possible. He said that Macaulay’s education system enslaved the country politically and mentally. Swami Darshananand spread light in this direction by establishing Gurukul which is illuminating the youth even today. Later, Singh also called upon Shankaracharya Rajarajeshwarashram at Jagadguru Ashram in Kankhal.
Speaking at the foundation ceremony of Gurukulam, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that Patanjali Gurukulam has been started in Haridwar by Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev, through which students will get the knowledge of Vedas along with modern education. This will create good citizens for the country. The Chief Minister  also called upon Guru Ramdev to make NCC mandatory in this Acharya Gurukulam, so that along with the knowledge of scriptures, students can also get knowledge of weaponary.  Dhami said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, lord Ram is again seated in Ayodhya. Today, whether it is the construction of the grand corridor of Kashi Vishwanath or the master plan of Badrinath and reconstruction of Kedarnath, positive development work is happening everywhere.
Baba Ramdev said on this occasion that Patanjali Gurukul will be the largest Gurukul in the world. Its construction cost is at an estimated Rs 500 crore. He pledged to bring about a major revolution in Indian education by investing Rs 5,000 crore over next five years through Patanjali Yogpeeth. Baba Ramdev said that this will be the third major revolution from Patanjali. He said that the first revolution was a medical revolution through Yoga, Ayurveda, research. The second was bringing in an indigenous revolution against the plunder by multinational companies by making products of international quality. With Gurukulam and Acharyakulam, now Haridwar will become a big centre of education in the world.
Ramdev said that the seven-storey grand Patanjali Gurukulam will have residential arrangements for about 1,500 students. Around 5,000 children will be able to avail the benefit of day-boarding in this branch of Acharyakulam. He said that there is also a plan to build a modern Maharishi Dayanand guest house. He further  said that this institution of Gurukuliya education, established by Swami Darshananand 118 years ago, is now ready to provide shelter to the world by becoming a shadeand shelter-giving Banyan tree.
This programme is being organised on the occasion of the 29th foundation day of Patanjali Yoga Peeth and on the 200th birth anniversary of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the birth anniversary of the founder of Gurukul, Swami Darshananand. The Gurukul, started 118 years ago by Swami Darshananand with three bighas of land, three Brahmacharis and three Chavannis, will be named Swami Darshanand Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Jwalapur.
Earlier in the morning on his arrival, the  Defence Minister  was welcomed and received at the Jolly Grant airport on Saturday morning  by Cabinet Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal.