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Haridwar DM suspends 30 CHC employees for “unauthorised” absence from duty



DEHRADUN, 20 Oct: Haridwar District Magistrate Vinay Shankar Pandey today suspended as many as 30 employees for “unauthorised” absence from duty at Community Health Centre in Khanpur in Laksar Tehsil area. Pandey had visiting the CHC today to conduct a surprise inspection there. During his absence, only 5 out of 35 posted at the CHC were found on duty. The DM expressed strong displeasure over such gross negligence. He directed the Laksar SDM Vaibhav Gupta to prepare a report and the suspension orders of those who were absent from the duty. District Magistrate Vinay Shankar Pandey had actually gone to a broken embankment near Chandrapuri Bangar in the morning, from there, at around 10.45 pm, the DM directly went to the Khanpur Community Health Centre and he conducted a surprise inspection there. To his dismay, 30 out of 35 of the staff members were found to be not present on duty. While Dr Vinit Kumar was reported to be on study leave, Dr Sushma was found absent for 2 days, one of the 3 doctors, Dr Nishtha Negi was found sitting in the OPD, besides her, medical assistant Dhirendra Kumar, Data Entry Operator Sudhir Kumar, Staff Nurse Shahjahan and the peon Kuldeep Kumar were present. After checking the attendance register, it was found that there are 35 employees posted there. It also appeared that some of the 30 not present, have been absent for many days as the column of the attendance register had not been signed by these employees for past several days. SDM of Laksar, Vaibhav Gupta was summoned on the spot and instructed to issue an order for immediate suspension of all the 30 employees found absent.