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Haridwar MP Nishank reviews situation in flood-affected areas 

By Our Staff Reporter 
Haridwar, 16 Jul: Former Education Minister and MP Haridwar, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, after inspecting the floodaffected areas of Haridwar district, today held a meeting with the officials of the administration in the CCR control room and took stock of the situation.
He also reviewed the distribution of relief materials and relief works. During the meeting, Dr Nishank directed the officials in a strict tone that not a single common man should be troubled in any way and no laxity will be tolerated. He has been continuously inspecting all the floodaffected areas of Haridwar for the last several days. While meeting with public representatives and officials, he gave necessary guidelines for flood prevention.
In the meeting, MP Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank directed the officers to restore the damaged roads immediately after receiving information regarding all the obstructed roads in the district. He told the journalists that Rs 80 lakh were given to the three divisions of the PWD for relief works. Simultaneously, a total amount of Rs 40 lakh was made available in advance to the Executive Engineer Irrigation Department. He said that a total of Rs 30 crore has been made available to Haridwar district by the State Disaster Response Fund and a total of Rs 1 crore under the head of disaster mitigation, for immediate repair/reconstruction of drinking water schemes. In this way, a total amount of 35 crore has been made available to the district for immediate repair/reconstruction of drinking water schemes. Along with this, an amount of Rs 20.36 lakh has also been distributed so far from the State Disaster Response Fund for loss of life and loss of animals.
During the meeting, Dr Nishank asked the officers to deploy adequate staff and arrange for adequate quantities of medical kits, medicines, etc. to prevent infectious diseases in floodaffected and waterlogged areas. The Veterinary Officer, Haridwar is directed to make arrangements to ensure  proper supply of fodder for animals. Apart from this, local bodies in urban areas and Additional Chief Officer, District Panchayat Haridwar in rural areas were directed for cleanliness, sprinkling of insecticides after drainage, etc.
Giving information about the area, he told reporters that a total of 81 affected families from 33 villages affected by the flood under Tehsil Laksar have been shifted to temporary relief centers like Barat Ghar, Panchayat Ghar and Radhakrishna Temple and 2775 families who are affected will be given full help. The power supply is disrupted in some places and he has spoken to the officials regarding the restoration of the power supply and soon the situation will become normal there. He said that 14 villages under Tehsil Haridwar are affected by floods, in which relief materials have been provided to 650 people from 141 families. Under Tehsil Roorkee, 22 villages are affected by the flood, assistance is being distributed to about 3200 people belonging to 750 families. Under Tehsil Bhagwanpur, relief is being distributed to about 380 persons belonging to 90 families affected by the flood in 2 villages. He said that due to heavy rains, 5 buildings in the district have been completely damaged and about 205 buildings have been partially damaged, which are being fully helped. Along with this, complete arrangements have been made for food and accommodation in the disaster-affected areas.
Talking to reporters, MP Dr Nishank said that if any kind of odd situation arises, we are fully prepared for it. Along with the Health Department and the Relief Commissioner’s Department, the district administration has completed preparations regarding boats as well as relief materials in the areas affected by the possible floods. He said that the officials have been instructed that there should not be any problem in the relief camp.
While directing the officers he said that there should not be any problem in the relief camp in any way. Arrangements for the living and food for the floodaffected people should be ensured. Mobile medical teams should be fully active and on rounds in the affected areas in case of any flood situation, as well as doctors and mobile medical teams in relief camps should have anti-venom, anti-rabies and there should be adequate availability of antidotes for all types of venomous animal bites. There should be proper cleanliness and lighting in the relief camps. Along with this, after the flood water recedes, the affected areas should be cleaned by campaigning on a war footing to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in these areas. He also directed to repair the roads and streets which were damaged due to flooding.
The solution to the problem of water logging in the civil line area of Roorkee was also discussed in the meeting and guidelines were given in this regard.
On this occasion, Ranipur MLA Adesh Chauhan, District Magistrate Dhiraj Singh Garbyal, SSP Ajai Singh, Additional District Magistrate Bir Singh Budiyal, MNA Dayanand Saraswati, CMO Manish Dutt, concerned officers and local public representatives were present.