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Harish Rawat “apprehensive” of EVM manipulation, BJP reacts sharply



DEHRADUN, 19 Feb: Veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat has claimed that in the wake of a “certain defeat” BJP Government may even get the EVMs replaced and manipulated to avoid defeat. In a recent statement and during some informal interaction with media persons Harish Rawat claimed that Congress would win at least 48 seats out of 70 in the state assembly elections and that BJP would not get more than 20 seats. He however added in the same vein that in the wake of certain defeat, BJP might resort to getting the EVMs replaced and manipulated. Harish Rawat did not stop here, but went on to allege that Pushkar Singh Dhami would have sold even the sand and soil from private properties if he had become CM two years ago. In response to the assertion of Leader of the Opposition and senior Congress leader Pritam Singh that the CM would be decided by the Party High Command and so far he (Harish Rawat) had not been declared the CM candidate, Rawat said that in case, he left politics before 2027, the party and the state would suffer adversely. Meanwhile, reacting to Rawat’s claims sharply, BJP Spokesman Suresh Joshi and media in charge Manveer Chauhan claimed that Harish Rawat was apprehensive of a massive defeat for him and his party in the assembly elections and was therefore making EVMs an issue to save his skin. They said that whenever any party was scared of losing the polls against the BJP, it resorted to making baseless allegations in respect of EVM. The BJP leader also accused Harish Rawat of making baseless allegations against Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.