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Harish Rawat demands greater compensation for sugarcane farmers

Farmers’ March stopped from reaching CM’s Residence
By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 23 Sep: Dehradun: Former Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat today led a march of farmers from district Haridwar, to stage protest at Chief Minister’s Official Residence here, but the march was prevented by the Police from reaching the CM’s residence by using barricades at different places. As the Congress workers and the farmers were stopped from proceeding toward the CM’s residence, they sat near the Police barricades put up at New Cantt Road and held their dharna there itself. Harish Rawat had arrived at the dharna spot on a tractor.
Harish Rawat and the Congress staged the protest demanding adequate compensation to the farmers of Haridwar district who were affected by the floods and natural disaster during the pre- monsoon and the monsoon period. Along with the party workers, a significant number of farmers were also present at the dharna spot. The farmers led by Harish Rawat alleged that the government is neither giving proper compensation to the farmers nor lending a patient ear to them.
This morning the march of the farmers started from State Congress Headquarters from where Rawat started his march, riding a tractor towards Hathibarkala Road. A large number of workers and farmers also moved forward with him. The farmers who came from Haridwar had sugarcane in their hands.
Harish Rawat and the farmers present with him were stopped by the police, by putting barricades in Hathibarkala. Many other  Congress workers who were coming to join them at the protest site were also stopped by the police at various places by putting up barricades. After being stopped by the police, people sat on the dharna at the spots they were stopped. Those present in the dharna alleged that the government has not paid them proper compensation for the crop damage and disaster driven losses to them. They reminded that Haridwar was among the worst affected district as a result of floods and excessive rains. The compensation paid against the crop loss by the government was very meagre and not only sugarcane but other crops were also damaged. Farmers also demanded increase in the support price of sugarcane.
Meanwhile, Harish Rawat has also accused the government of ignoring the farmers’ interest. Rawat has said that the government should compensate the losses of the farmers of Haridwar. Along with this, their crop loans should be waived off, he further demanded.
Rawat alleged that the government has stopped Congress workers from reaching the protest site by placing barricades at various places, but the party will continue to raise its voice on the issues of the farmers.