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Harish Rawat levelling baseless charge over postal ballots: Kaushik


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 23 Feb: BJP State President Madan Kaushik, today, hit back at the Congress over its charge of manipulation of postal ballots and claimed that Congress leaders were competing with each other in insulting the Army as well as constitutional institutions. Kaushik said that the video released along with the tweet of former CM Harish Rawat was also part of this habit of the Congress leaders in bringing down the image of constitutional institutions like the Election Commission.
Madan Kaushik was chatting with media persons at the BJP State Headquarters here today. He claimed that due to political hatred, the top leader of the Congress had released fake videos of postal ballots of soldiers. It was an insult to the Indian Army to make a video of the secret process of the elections without any evidence and due investigation and it proved that by putting up cut-outs of the late General Bipin Rawat at its rallies in Uttarakhand, during the election campaign, the Congress Party was just trying to garner sympathy votes and the so called respect for the army and its brave soldiers was just a hoax.
Kaushik claimed that the ground reality had started emerging from the assembly booths and this had made the Congress nervous, as the BJP’s return to power is already certain. Congress is also getting aware of this and becoming nervous and, therefore, preparing to blame the defeat on the constitutional institutions by accusing them of tampering with EVMs and rigging of postal ballots without any ground whatsoever.
Responding to the questions of the journalists regarding the infighting in the party and accusations of sabotage in the elections, the state president said that everything is in the notice of the party organisation and appropriate action would be taken at the right time.