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Health Minister inaugurates ISKCON Free Meal Distribution System at Doon Hospital



Dehradun, 13 Feb: Health Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat stated today that the initiation of the Food for Life programme at Doon Hospital symbolises ISKCON’s dedication to serving people and fulfilling its social responsibilities. The organisation aims to reduce the physical and emotional burden faced by patients and their families during their stay in the hospital by providing nutritious meals. This initiative demonstrates ISKCON’s commitment to its core values and service to humanity through compassion and kindness.

Minister Rawat addressed a gathering at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) kitchen during the free meal distribution programme organised at the Doon Hospital. He emphasised the significance of this initiative, providing free meals to approximately 800 to 1,000 beneficiaries at Doon Hospital through ISKCON. Dr Rawat also mentioned plans to allocate land for ISKCON’s kitchen at Srinagar Medical College and consider arrangements for a kitchen at Doon Hospital.

The Director of IIT Mandi and ISKCON’s Director in Dehradun, Professor Lakshmidhar Behera, highlighted ISKCON’s commitment to establishing a kitchen to provide free meals for those in need within a 10 kilometre radius of Dehradun. The organisation aims to ensure that no one in the area goes hungry. The distribution of free meals at Doon Hospital aligns with ISKCON’s dedication to serving people and addressing the issue of hunger in a tangible and effective manner.

He further stated that ISKCON has, till now, served over 500 million free meals through its 111 kitchens. This initiative allows direct provision of nutrition to those who need it the most. ISKCON’s approach of tackling hunger showcases its expertise and effectiveness in dealing with the issue.

The importance of this program goes beyond immediate meal provision. It signifies a significant commitment to people’s well-being and acknowledges the importance of addressing hunger issues at its root. Establishing a centralised kitchen and distribution system enables the organization to utilise resources in the most effective way, reaching those who need it the most.

The Food for Life initiative is part of ISKCON’s food relief programme, which has been serving millions of people daily since its establishment in 1972. The initiative was inspired by the compassionate vision of ISKCON’s founder, Srila Prabhupada, who was deeply moved when he saw village boys fighting over scraps of food. This experience motivated him to create a global movement dedicated to eradicating hunger and providing meals to those in need.

Several dignitaries, including former Mayor Sunil Uniyal, Principal of Doon Medical College Dr Ashutosh Sayana, and representatives from ISKCON, were present at the event to mark this significant occasion.