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Hearing on bail petition to be heard today


New evidence emerges against Guptas in Sawhney suicide case

By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 6 Jun: New evidence has emerged in the Baba (Satinder) Sawhney suicide case against the Guptas. It is unofficially being claimed that some audio clips have been recovered from the mobile phone of the chief accused, Ajay Gupta, in which he is allegedly threatening Sawhney with dire consequences if the project is not handed over to them. Meanwhile, the investigation of the case has been handed over by the Dehradun Police to a Special Investigation Squad.  Meanwhile, no hearing could be held today on the bail application filed by Ajay Gupta and his brother-in-law Anil Gupta.

Speaking to Garhwal Post, lawyer for the prosecution, Girish Pancholi confirmed that the hearing on the bail application of the Guptas had been deferred for tomorrow. The Guptas have also filed a petition urging the court to quash the FIR against them in the Uttarakhand High Court which has sought a response from the state government. This case is also to be heard tomorrow.

It is learnt that it was after this threatening call that Sawhney had file a complaint against the Guptas with the Police. Unfortunately, this complaint was not taken seriously by the Dehradun Police. Had this complaint been taken seriously and an inquiry been launched, it is possible that Sawhney would have been alive today, sources close to the victim claim. They also add that, had the Dehradun Police taken cognisance of the complaint, probably the Guptas would not have dared to file a fake case against him in Saharanpur. Interestingly, the Guptas had filed a case with Saharanpur Police against Sawhney on 20 May but later claimed that the complaint had been filed by them on 9 May. They allegedly lied about it because they wanted to show they had filed the case against Sawhney in Saharanpur before he filed a case against them. Sawhney allegedly committed suicide as the Doon Police did nothing despite his complaint against the Gupta and he was being continuously threatened and finally got terrified and then committed suicide.

With the emergence of new evidence against Guptas in form of the audio clip, it remains to be seen, how far and seriously, the Special Investigation Squad takes the case ahead. So far, it is learnt that this clip has not been shared with the prosecution lawyers by the Police and the sources claim that this clip is being sent for forensic investigation to verify its reality.

The victim was being threatened repeatedly. For this, the police also investigated Gupta’s house and questioned the employees. Now the police have found more evidence. According to sources, there is also a recording in Ajay Gupta’s mobile regarding the threats. In this entire conversation, Ajay Gupta has threatened Sawhney several times.

The Enforcement Directorate team had called on SSP, Dehradun, yesterday and collected details of the investigation carried out so far by the Police. Sources claim that an amount of over Rs 40 crores had been invested in the Sawhney project by Guptas for the purpose of money laundering. Much of the money invested also had been taken by the Guptas from some other investors and that too, without any legal formalities and agreements.

Meanwhile, some senior journalists from South Africa, while speaking to this correspondent have confirmed that some South African organisations are pressing the South African Government and the agencies there to press for extradition of Gupta Brothers (in addition to Ajay Gupta, Rajesh and Atul Gupta) who are wanted in a number of cases related to large scale misappropriation of government funds there.