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High Tech helps treat baby at AIIMS without surgery



Rishikesh, 25 Dec: With advanced and high-tech medical facilities and experienced doctors, AIIMS Rishikesh is now carrying out hitherto locally unavailable complicated procedures. Most of the patients, who come from all over Uttarakhand and surrounding states, have complicated and life threatening medical and surgical conditions, which are now for the first time being managed here locally.
In the latest case, the Pediatric Gastroenterology unit of the Department of Pediatrics successfully removed a large hanging earring from the stomach of a 3-month-old baby with special techniques without any incision or stitch. The baby is now completely healthy and has since been discharged. This is probably the first hospital in the state to use this procedure on a baby just 3 month of age.
“The doctors of AIIMS Rishikesh have time again proved to be successful in giving a new lease of life on the basis of specialised medical practice. This time it was the pediatric department of AIIMS,” said AIIMS Director Professor Ravikant. He congratulated the pediatric team for saving the child’s life through timely endoscopic intervention. He said it was a very complicated and technically demanding task to remove the earring stuck in the stomach of a 3-month-old baby without an operation.
A woman and her mother-in-law from Raipur, Dehradun, reached AIIMS Rishikesh, with her 3-month-old baby girl, Anshika. The woman said that her two-and-a-quarter-year-old son had put a large hanging earring in the mouth of his 3-month-old little sister, who swallowed it. An x-ray done at a hospital in Dehradun revealed that the earring was lodged in the stomach of the baby.
Dr Navneet Kumar Bhatt, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, said, “The earring was large, had sharp margins and a large screw attached. Such a foreign body if left in the digestive tract was bound to cause life threatening complications. So, we decided to intervene and remove it endoscopically.”
It was decided to go for a less invasive endoscopic technique which took just 10 minutes, which was why the baby could be discharged by the evening on the same day.
AIIMS Director Ravikant congratulated Dr Bhatt and his endoscopy team, Dr Pooja Semwal, Hemant, CR Choudhary, Shalini and Vinita.