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Himalayan Cultural Centre to play major role in preserving hills culture: Prasoon Joshi

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 10 Jul: Leading Bollywood lyricist, poet and currently Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification Prasoon Joshi yesterday participated in a discussion with Shalini Shah at the newly established Himalayan Cultural Centre in Dehradun. The occasion was Ninaad – Festival of Culture, Art & Cinema being held here. Shalini Shah and her husband Rajesh Shah from Nainital are the organisers of the film festival being organised here.
During the discussion, in response to a question, Joshi said that the establishment of the Himalayan Cultural Centre where the programme is being held heralds a major breakthrough towards preserving the state’s culture, literate, arts and traditions. He added that usually in the midst of loud drum beats, the sound of the flute gets lost. However at the cultural centre, not only the drum beats will be heard, but the sound of flute will also be heard properly. The Cultural Centre will play a significant role towards preserving the state’s culture and arts.
Joshi further added that he will always be eager to contribute in whatever way towards enrichment of the Centre and towards helping the cause of Uttarakhand. He also reminded the audience that having grown up in Almora, Narendranagar and Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand always resonates strongly in his heart. It is an integral part of his whole being. Joshi reminded that at the time of Kedarnath disaster, he had penned a song which was composed by Shankar Mahadevan and also sung by Amitabh Bachchan. The collections made from the charity programme held in this regard were handed over to Uttarakhand then. Whenever he is confused or in some dilemma, he looks back at his childhood spent in the lap of the hills, adding that he desires to come to the hills again and again. He gets his inspiration from the nature in Uttarakhand.
Prasoon Joshi also shared the fact that both his parents were Indian classical musicians both having master’s degree in Indian classical music. He added that more than the prose or the dialogues of any film, it is the music and rhythm which appeal more to him. He added that he had published his first book of the poems at the age of 17 years which he had distributed among friends and relatives but he realised that writing poems alone can’t become a single source of his livelihood. So has to do something else but he had then decided that he will continue to write poems to satiate his creative urge. He then went on to do his Masters in Business Administration before joining the advertisement world which offered an outlet for his creative urge. Later, he also received a break in the films to write songs. Though initially he felt that his poems might not appeal to the masses, but his songs and poems were recognised through the films as well.
Having written a popular song on a mother’s contribution towards bringing up of a child for a film, he was persuaded to write a poem also about a father’s contribution too which Joshi recited at the programme.
Joshi felt that it is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the culture of the state and its traditions.
Prasoon‘s wife Aparna Joshi was also present on the occasion.
Lord Shiva connects me to UkhandSanjay Mishra
By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 10 Jul: Leading character actor from Bollywood, Sanjay Mishra, stated that Uttarakhand is an ideal location to shoot films. It is amongst the most ideal locations to make films, he stated. Mishra was speaking in the Ninaad 2023 programme held at the Himalayan Cultural Centre recently established here by the state government. In response to a question on his days spent in Rishikesh and Haridwar and his connection with Uttarakhand, Mishra said that he is connected spiritually with Uttarakhand, as he is a Shiva devotee and Uttarakhand is the abode of Shiva. He also shared that his wife is from Uttarakhand and therefore he comes here again and again and will like to come again and again. He also described that the role of film maker Tigmanshu Dhulia and actor Brijendra Kala in his life was like two important books of his life. He also appreciated the work of many young people or artists from Uttarakhand who through their OTT productions were spreading a positive message. 
Actor Brijendra Kala observed that the stories of forced migration from the hills were painful for him and felt that even the artists had a role to play to curb the migration.