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Himotsav: A Melange of Songs, Music, and Dance at SRHU

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 11 March: The grand opening of the three-day foundation day celebration ‘Himotsav-2024′ took place at Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU), Jolly Grant. The first evening of the event was colored with the shades of Indian folk culture. Students participating in the programs, along with other students, enjoyed and danced vigorously.
On Monday, the inauguration of ‘Himotsav-2024′ at Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU), Jolly Grant, was initiated with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by President Dr Vijay Dhasmana, Vice-Chancellor Dr Rajendra Dobhal, and Dr Vijendra Chauhan, jointly in front of the portrait of founder Dr Swami Rama.
The approximately three-hour-long event witnessed the inclusion of various Indian cultures including Garhwali, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Himachali. The cultural evening of Himotsav began with a grand performance by physiotherapy students Palak & Group on the devotional song ‘Ram Aayenge’.
Subsequently, Sonia and Group from the Himalayan School of Science & Technology (HSST) presented the Garhwal culture. The performance on Bollywood songs by Vaishnavi Group from the Yoga College garnered much applause. The Biosciences College Prachi Group presented the cultural heritage of South India with dance. The event was further carried forward by students from Gauri Himalayan School of Science & Technology located in Pauri Garhwal. A memorable dance drama based on the story of Jeetu-Bagdwal was presented. MBBS students Riya Arya and Saumya Rawat performed a Marathi dance, Kalpana Group from Himalayan College of Nursing presented a Gujarati dance, while Ruchika Group from Clinical Research showcased a Himachali dance, all of which enlivened the colors of the event. Students from Shivani Group of Himalayan School of Management Studies performed Haryanvi and students from BSc Nursing by the Gagandeep Group presented a Punjabi dance, with other students also thoroughly enjoying. The physiotherapy students captivated the audience with a dance drama based on Krishnaleela. The first day of Himotsav-2024 concluded memorably with a Gidda dance by Srishti Group from the Nursing College.
The program was conducted by the students, which included Shivani, Vibhuti, and Khushi Negi. Dr Renu Dhasmana, Registrar Dr Mukesh Bijlwan, and others were present during the event.
Solo Song and Dance performances were given by Dr Rashi, Nidhi, Anushka, Dr Shweta Sethi, Dr Piyush, Srishti, Apurva Kothari, Shailanya, Gaurav, Pratham Rathi.
Organizing Committee Members: An organizing committee was formed to make the event successful. It included Dr Meena Harsh, Dr Jyoti Dwivedi, Dr Anuradha Kusum, Dr Piyush Rai, Priya JP, Suresh Chandra, Anupama Mishra, Pooja Baloni, Dr Kiran Bhatt, Dr Sarabjit Saini, Dolly Dhasmana, Sonam Bhadauria, Ekta Raw, Dr Vivek Kumar, Dr Geeta Bhandari, Dr Ankit Sharma, Dr Saloni Malik, Abhishek Chandola, Reena Habl and Sunil Khanduri.
“Over the past years, SRHU has scripted a new chapter of success. Along with educational and health facilities, Swami Rama Himalayan University is also working in the field of self-employment. Our priority is to provide training opportunities for self-employment based on industries to the youth from the remote regions of the state as well. All students should share ideas with each other and contribute to the advancement of society and the nation.”- Dr Vijay Dhasmana, President, Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU), Jolly Grant.