Home Interview Hindu faith is even more vulnerable to continuous attacks: Rajiv Malhotra

Hindu faith is even more vulnerable to continuous attacks: Rajiv Malhotra



DEHRADUN, 14 Nov: Indian-American entrepreneur turned researcher and author Rajiv Malhotra has written prolifically to oppose the academic study of Indian history and society, especially Hinduism, as it is conducted by scholars and university faculty of the West, which, he maintains, undermines the interests of India “by encouraging the paradigms that oppose its unity and integrity”. Malhotra had a successful business career in US in the field of IT and he owned 20 companies. However at the age 44, he was driven to his own roots and culture and made it his mission and his Yagna to write and work towards protecting the native Hindu religion, culture and spirituality. Now he runs an organisation called Infinity Foundation which works to fight misrepresentation of ancient Indian religions and to document the contributions of India to world civilisation and trains young intellectuals to do similar work. In Dehradun to attend the Valley of Words International Literature & Arts Festival, the leading literature festival of Dehradun, and to deliver the key note address there, he spoke to Garhwal Post on various things related to his works and activities. Some excerpts:

How do you view the recent Supreme Court Judgement on Ayodhya?

I have always openly supported construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and I feel that the judgement of the Supreme Court is just and proper. I would like to mention one particular incident here just to point out how heritage is treated in the world. There is a UN recognised Catholic cathedral in Mexico, which is very famous as a heritage site. During some repair work carried out there, it was found that it had been built on top of some native Mexican temple. Once the news spread, it created a huge controversy there. However, unlike the leftists here in India, who are working against the interests of the native majority, the leftists in Mexico supported the refurbishment of the old native temple and, today, both the structures stand there and the temple has been restored despite the initial resistance of the Church.

There is a perception that the left in India talks more against the Hindus and the Hindu culture but hardly ever against any other religion or culture. Aren’t they supposed to be atheists and equidistant from all the religions?

You see, the leftists are not ideologically honest. Even in the western countries, where Christianity is the main religion and, here, in India, the leftists are perceived to be attacking the major native religion. However, in Islamic countries, they never attack Islam as they know that they would be killed. In recent times, the leftists across the world have become pro- Islamic and this in the long run is bound to affect the western countries adversely. Already, one can see this happening! In India, they openly side and work on appeasing the minorities rather than condemning or staying equidistant from all religions.

There are some known faces in India, and many of them Hindus themselves, who express concern over possible creation of a ‘Hindu Pakistan’ or Hindu terror. Such Hinduphobia does exist. However, you have written a well known book called Academic Hinduphobhia! How do you describe Academic Hinduphobia?

You see, though Hinduphobes have existed for long now, but no one described this as Hinduphobia. It was about twenty years ago that I coined this word since it existed but no one admitted it. There are academicians in India and abroad, some of them being Hindus themselves, who have through their books presented a distorted picture of the Hindu religion and perpetuated a negative stereotyped image of the Hindu religion. In fact, my book Academic Hinduphobia is a critique of such western scholars like Wendy Doniger. It is good to see that Hindus have begun to protest such distortion.

Do they distort Hindu religion on purpose or is it just misinterpretation?

There is an agenda to it. I have mentioned this in my book, Breaking India. I was trying to figure out an algorithm on who is doing what to India. There were some major events that led me to write the book. I came across Marxists, including many Indians, aligned with Maoist forces in India. I came across Christian missionaries sending huge sums of money to India claiming it was for social work. India is very vulnerable to such attacks because we Indians and Hindus, in particular, are seen to be lacking self esteem and self confidence, and it is probably the largest territory up for grabs for breaking India forces. Indians don’t fight back in the manner they should to resist such Breaking India forces. Unfortunately, the governments also look the other way. Though we allegedly have a Hindu rightist government in place in India now, but even it has not done enough to resist and stop the Break India forces. Those in the government feel proud to invite and allow so called study tours from Harvard and other institutions and collect data on Kumbh Mela pilgrims, etc., which can easily be misused for conversion and other clandestine purposes. China would not allow such things on its soil.

There is also a perception, though not widely recognised, that Indian history has been distorted by the Western scholars as well as Indian historians. How far do you agree with this perception and what is the reason behind this if it is true in your opinion?

History has become a political weapon and therefore it is told with a purpose to divide and rule. Indian historians write history with an ideological agenda in mind rather than with a research oriented open mind. Indian Historians have produced some good work, too, but in general they have been intellectually dishonest. They have adopted a pick and choose style of writing, avoiding what did not suit their agenda and picking up what suited it.

What is your perception of Indian Spiritual Gurus? Have they contributed towards spread of Hinduism globally or did they create a negative impact on the faith?

Most Hindu Gurus believe in being politically correct and they don’t dare call a spade a spade. They wish to gain popularity in the West and, therefore, never criticise the Western onslaught on Indian culture and Hindu religion. In fact, they are running their shops and increasing their own empires. They are also not well informed about the designs of the global forces that intend to re-colonise India and convert the Indians.

What are your current projects in hand?

Well I am planning to write 15 more books, three every year. In addition, I am training young people and young achievers to do similar kind of work, which I do. I do that with my own funds and do not seek funds from the government or elsewhere. I have been attacked by many intellectuals, by a section of media and even threatened, but I have carried out my dharma and intend to carry on!