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Holy Quran gives message of Brotherhood: Dr S Farooq

By Our Staff Reporter 
DEHRADUN, 23 March: The 20th exhibition on “Holy Quran in the Mirror of Calligraphic Art” was held at Tasmia Auditorium, Turner Road, Dehradun.
Chief Guest Justice Mehboob Ali inaugurated the exhibition along with Father JP Singh, Brig KG Behl (Retd), International country music singer Bobby Cash and Sardar Jasbir Singh.
The programme started with the recitation of Holy Quran & Naat presented by Farrukh Ahmed in his melodious voice which meant almighty is one for All.
Dr S Farooq welcomed the guests and said that Quran gives message of peace and brotherhood. He explained that the exhibition opens doors of calligraphic art for all. Besides this it is a delight for those who understand and appreciate. He informed that after his fathers’ death his belonging were collected and I wrote his biography after 20 years and since then this collection is increasing with the help of family and friends.
Chief Guest Justice Mehboob Ali in his address said that he has seen for the first time such a unique exhibition & never seen such a large collection of Quran. He said the Exhibition has become an international event and will spread the message of unity around the globe.
The exhibition had on display – hand written Aayats of First Quran composed by Hazrat Othaman Ghani (RA) third Khalifa of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
 With 1087 pages and 80 Kg. weight it was the main attraction of the exhibition. Seven coloured Holy Quran printed in Ludhiyan, India in 1907 finds a prominent place in the exhibition. WORLD’s LARGEST HOLY QURAN (One Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Seven Feet by Two Feet 1487’x 2’size and, 12” x 24’ ft) is present in the exhibition.
There are translations of the Quran in 73 languages of the world. A copy written in Braille & sign language is also on display along with these translations. The Quranic Text is also on display in a very compressed style, titled as ‘Locket and Pocket Quran’ which are basically the miniature forms of the Holy Book written artistically.
There are copies of the Quran weighing from 1.75 gm to 2500 Kg., Holy Quran with a talking pen, Holy Quran with fragrance, Aayat of Holy Quran on chocolate/glass/stones etc. Most of the things on display have been gifted by family members, relatives and friends. The copies on display range from the ancient manuscripts to the digital format. He said that there is one Allah and He blesses us all. Quran teaches love and loyalty to the country.
A large number of citizens including Col MK Husain, Dr RK Bakshi, Dr Aditya Arya, Dr Anas Fasih, Aayush Arya attended including Dr Syed Faisal, Syed Haroon Ahmed, Syed Farrukh Ahmed, Imran Hussain, Syed Muneer Ahmed, Jahangir Ahmad, Mufti Wasiullah, Mufti Saleem Ahmed, Maulana RA Haqqani, Mufti Zia, and many other dignitaries were present on the occasion.
In the end Hamd was presented by Syed Farrukh Ahmad and Vote of Thanks was presented by Syed Haroon.