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Homage paid to Kargil Martyrs at Selaqui


Dehradun, 28 Jul: Sahaspur MLA Sahdev Singh Pundir and a large number of ex-servicemen of the DESL Zonal Shakha paid homage on 26 July at the Selaqui War Memorial to the 527 officers, JCOs and other ranks who achieved martyrdom in Kargil War of 1999.
MLA Pundir MLA highlighted the difficulties faced by the soldiers on the steep mountain ridges. They sacrificed their today for the nation’s tomorrow. He announced he would provide further financial help to the Zonal Shakha, Selaqui, which is part of DESL, for covering the entire complex of the community centre at Selaqui War Memorial, which is presently in the open.
Colonel US Thakur (Retd) President, DESL, stated that history would always recall how military operations were launched and victory gained in a very short span of time in such difficult terrain and high altitude.
Others who paid homage and attended the victory day celebrations were Lt Col BM Thapa (Retd), Senior Vice President, DESL, Col BS Shahi (Retd), Major Abhijit Shahi (Retd), Captain Neel Kumar Thapa (Retd), Captain Veer Singh Rawat (Retd), Sub Maj RS Balooni (Retd), Hav LB Thapa (Retd), Paras Thapa, Arjun Singh Thapa, Bhuvan Thakur and many others.