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Hoteliers call for developing alternate tourist destinations in Uttarakhand

(From left): Renu Thapliyal, Secretary General, HRANI; Surendra Kumar Jaiswal, Hony Secretary, HRANI; Garish Oberoi, President, HRANI; Rajendra kumar Suman, Regional Director North, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, New Delhi; Awanish Kumar Mishra, Tourist Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India; Kamal Narayan Tripathi, Managing Committee Member, HRANI, Director - Ahana - The Corbett Wilderness; Manu Kochhar, Director, Hotel Madhuban, Dehradun, and Amarvir Singh, Treasurer, HRANI.
By Our Staff Reporter
DEHRADUN, 30 April: The hotel industry is buoyant on Uttarakhand calling for tapping its immense potential by developing alternate tourist destinations for economic growth in sustainable and environment-friendly manner.
Top hoteliers of the northern India under the aegis of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI) met at Hyatt Regency on the foothills of the hill resort of Mussoorie to discuss what is required to boost the hotel industry in the hill state.
In this regard, the main discussion in the one-day conclave focused on various topics which included the ways to get hotels classified for the starring provisions. There were 155 registrations from the hotels mostly from Garhwal region for the conclave,
This conclave holds special significance as it resonates with the theme “Dekho Apna Desh – Chalo Uttarakhand”. This theme embodies our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary initiative to boost domestic tourism and Uttarakhand stands as an emblem of this endeavour,” said Garish Oberoi, President HRANI which represents ten states of the north India.
(Left to Right): Sandeep Sahni, President, Uttarakhand Hotel and Restaurant Association; Sunil Singh Rana, Chairman –
IATO Uttarakhand Chapter, Founder and CEO of Three Sixty Holidays Pvt. Ltd, Dehradun; Surendra Kumar Jaiswal, Hony.
Secretary HRANI; Rajendra Kumar Suman, Regional Director – North, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India; Garish Oberoi,
President, HRANI; Kamal Narayan Tripathi, Member Managing Committee, HRANI, and Managing Director, Ahana – The
Corbett Wilderness; Manu Kochhar, Director, Hotel Madhuban, Dehradun; Mahendra Ghildiyal, Chairman, Uttarakhand
Chapter, ADTOI, and Director, Mahendra Destination Pvt. Ltd, Dehradun.

He said Uttarakhand is not merely a destination but also an enriching experience that resonates deeply with the soul. Stating that the hill state is renowned for its spiritual tourism, he said it is emerging as most sought-after wedding destination as highlighted by the Prime Minister in one of his speeches last year. For this purpose, Oberai called for developing alternate tourist destinations so that the tourist pressure on the main tourist resorts like Mussoorie and Nainital shifts to other places in the state.

In one of the sessions, the hoteliers also discussed various ways to get the hotels classified focusing on the government’s portal – Nidhi Plus. There are very less hotels which are classified in the state. “This is for the star rating which is approved by the tourism department under the government of India,” Oberoi said. ”We told the hotel owners of the state how to get their hotels classified through online methods also,” he said.
Oberoi also said the participants in the conclave also discussed the need to use the new technology like artificial intelligence in the hotel industry. For this purpose, Harish Chandra an expert from Mumbai gave tips on the use of new technology in travel planning.
He said it was heartening to note that the hotel industry in Uttarkahand has started focusing on the environment by discarding plastic. Citing the example of Hyatt Regency, Oberoi said this hotel is now fully zero-plastic. Many hotels have started using recycling method to harvest water.
He said the conclave also discussed the need for increasing the parking facilities in the state.
In the end, thirty awards were given in different categories to the hotel owners.
Regional Director (North) under the ministry of tourism RK Suman gave details of the government’s policies to promote tourism and the hotel industry. Under the tourism ministry, there are hotel management institutes which give free training to students. Hoteliers can take benefits from these institutes for the skill development, he said.
Surendra Kumar Jaiswal, President Uttar Pradesh Hotel Association lauded the Modi government for boosting the road, railway and air connectivity in the country.