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Humane Society announces free spay camp for street dogs


By Our Staff Reporter

DEHRADUN, 22 Feb: Humane Society International/India (HSI/India) has announced a free spay/neuter camp to celebrate World Spay Day on 28 February for all street dogs brought to its facility in Kedarpuram. Residents of Dehradun and adjoining areas are invited to register their community dogs for a spot for sterilisation, anti-rabies vaccination, health check-up and veterinary consultation.

The celebration will involve staff from HSI’s team, approximately 100 community members and volunteers, and officials from the Nagar Nigam, including Dr DC Tiwari (nodal officer at Dehradun Municipal Corporation).

World Spay Day is recognised across the world as a day to promote spaying and neutering and to educate communities.

“The survival of a street dog not only depends on what he or she eats, but also on their physical health, which is enhanced by spay/neuter surgery,” says Namrata Upadhayay, a Dehradun resident who is volunteering for the Spay Camp. “I would urge the community members to be responsible citizens and get the community dogs in their areas spayed,” she adds.

HSI/India kickstarted the local street dog management programme in 2016 with the goal of humanely managing the city’s growing dog population and to ensure peaceful coexistence between dogs and humans. To date, the animal organisation has sterilised approximately 45,000 street dogs in Dehradun.

“The success of past sterilisation camps has demonstrated that people in Dehradun do care about the welfare of the street dogs, and community participation is key to humanely managing the city’s population of dogs,” says Dr Shrikant, Assistant Programme Manager, Dog Management at HSI/India. “During the Spay Camp held in 2022, we saw more than 80 community members walk-in to get the street dogs in their area sterilised and vaccinated. This year, we’re hoping for even more,” he adds.

To register your community dogs for spay/neuter, residents can contact the HSI/India team at +91-9568844151 or send an email tosrawat@hsi.org. The registrations are open till 27 February.

The venue is ABC-ARV Centre Nagar Nigam, behind Police Chowki, Nawada Road, Kedarpuram.